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What should I be concerned about if we have our paver stripped and removed?

Stripping off old sealer on pavers is very caustic work. It is very tedious work but it’s more economical than replacing the pavers. There are several things to be aware of when stripping off an old sealer. Risks include: Loss of paint on the frames, walls, columns, etc. Nearby landscaping and grass dying Pool contamination. […]

What if it is supposed to rain the day we are scheduled to seal?

A forecast of a chance of rain isn’t going to stop us from giving it a try that day. Why? Because water based sealers can be applied safely, even if the pavers are slightly damp. Sealing with standing water is never recommended but damp pavers won’t hurt the sealer at all. One of the main […]

What are your water-based sealer options?

All of our sealers come in: Enhanced: This provides a light sheen and is often referred to as a “wet look”. Natural: These sealers do not change the appearance of the pavers or travertine. A high gloss effect is provided by solvent or oil based sealers which we do not recommend.

Does sand matter?

Absolutely! The right sand at the proper level helps to keep the pavers from shifting and collapsing. We use sand that has been filtered from any impurities and nutrients. This helps to significantly reduce mold in-between the pavers. Do not use play sand or “paver sand” commonly found at popular box stores! These sands have […]

What is your paver sealing process?

Identify and treat any visual stains such as: Rust stains, Irrigation stains, Oil stains, Grease stains,Efflo, And more! Neutralize the chemicals used to pre-treat. This is vital to prevent an adverse reaction to the sealer later on in the process. Pretreat the pavers to help lift and remove the grime hidden on the surface and […]

What if our pavers are sitting on an existing deck?

If your pavers are sitting directly on concrete or an existing deck underneath, please let us know for an accurate estimate. We will use this information to determine the length of time needed to complete the project. Paver sealing on an existing deck will take 2 to 3 days on average.

If I buy the sealer, will you apply it?

No, we will only apply sealers we know, trust, and have accredited. We want our customers to be completely satisfied and only use products with a long history of success.

What kind of sealers do you offer?

I cannot scream from the rooftops loud enough to stress the importance of using a water-based sealer while living in Florida. We seek only the best water-based sealers, ones guaranteed to hold up to the rain and humidity without fail. While solvents or oil-based sealers hold up elsewhere, they have a poor track record here […]

Why are weeds more prevalent in my driveway?

Driveways will always grow more weeds because it’s an open area. Grass cuttings, animals, and the wind will carry seeds. These are common issues that cannot be completely stopped just by sealing.

Do you move the furniture?

For Standard Paver Sealing, we ask that you move all Furniture, Rugs, Mats and Plants. If you are unable to move the furniture, a minimum of $175 furniture removal fee may be applied. Please discuss any issues or concerns about furniture while setting up the appointment.