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What if it is supposed to rain the day we are scheduled to seal?

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A forecast of a chance of rain isn’t going to stop us from giving it a try that day. Why? Because water based sealers can be applied safely, even if the pavers are slightly damp. Sealing with standing water is never recommended but damp pavers won’t hurt the sealer at all. One of the main reasons we use and encourage clients to use water-based sealers is because of their ability to withstand the rain and humidity throughout the year. The likelihood of a quality, two-part water-based sealing failing is minimal. If we seal your pavers or travertine and it is allowed to dry for 30 minutes to 1 hour before it rains, the sealer will not fail. If it does, we will fix it at our own cost. As an added assurance, we will do a quality check the next business day on any job that was rained on if it rained within 2 hours of the sealing.