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How to Keep Sand and Debris out of the Pool While Prepping for Sealing

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How to Keep Sand and Debris out of the Pool While Prepping for Sealing

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal





Jeremy here with Premier Pro Wash & Seal. We’re over here in Tampa, Fl, getting ready for a paver sealing job. But right now we are prepping this.

How to keep the debris out of the pool


I just wanted to show you one of the little tricks we do to try to keep all the debris out of the pool. One of the biggest questions we get asked when we go out doing an estimate is: “What are you going to do about the sand and debris from getting into the pool?” So, one thing we do is one guy is surface cleaning, while the other guy is manning another machine, trying to keep as much debris out of the pool as possible. So we give you a short glimpse of what we do.

So now we’ve got John surface-cleaning, we’ve got Eddie on the other side running the other machine to keep the debris out of the pool. So we’ll show you how this works.

You are going to get some debris that gets into the pool, but it will be very, very minimal. As you can see, he’s surface cleaning while Eddie is running the other side and keeping the sand from getting into the pool as much as possible.

Removing the “Paver Worms”


There is a lot of gunk, it doesn’t look that dirty but as you can see, there’s a lot of gunk that we need to remove prior to ever putting a sealer on this. We call this “Paver Worms.” And if you look over here, it’s not as noticeable when you look over here. It doesn’t look as bad. But once you get that surface cleaner going, you are able to see just how bad it is.

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