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Sealing a Travertine and Marble Pool Deck in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Sealing a Travertine and Marble Pool Deck in Apollo Beach, Florida

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Good morning. I say “Good morning”, I know it is almost lunchtime. However, I wanted to jump on here, return to this gorgeous property on the Bay that we have been working on this week. It was a few-day project, due to the sealer we chose for this particular job. But I wanted to come out here to show you all the finished product after we sealed this marble-travertine pool deck area.

How to reduce the slipperiness of sealed marble or travertine

So, as Jeremy discussed previously on our first video, we did choose a different type of sealer for this job – specifically when you have marble or travertine or different stones, and if you use a sealer that can sit on top of the stone, it becomes super slippery. Now we do have options where we can put a grip/shark grip, something inside the sealer to help with the slipperiness. But on this property specifically, we chose to go with a penetrating sealer that bonds to the actual stone. Just because it is a big hazard for a fall risk when the surface gets really wet.
So again, I am back out here. I wanted to take you guys just to see a little bit more of the finished product. You can see it behind me, it is absolutely gorgeous out here! And then I am going to show you the nice thing, so you can kind of see how we know it has been sealed. And I put a little water on it, so you can see the hydrophobic effect that it has, where the water will bead up and repel, it won’t be able to penetrate into the stone. So, let’s just walk around, take a quick peek at the surface, and then I’ll show you the water-beading effect, it’s pretty nice.

So again, this is the gorgeous job… absolutely breathtaking… gorgeous view… gorgeous pool, an infinity pool. And then, like I said, marble-travertine (stone).

The Beading Effect


But again, what I want to show you guys is the beading effect.

So, when I pour some water on here, you can see it bead up. And that’s absolutely what we want to see, a nice beading effect so that we know it has been sealed. So it’s sealed, it’s protected, and so we won’t have the issue or the worry of slipperiness from an added sealer that sits on top. Again, this one is a penetrating sealer that we did use.

So I am just going to walk around a little bit more and show you again this gorgeous finished product. It is absolutely breathtaking out here!

Any Questions?


So, if you have any questions regarding our sealing process or the types of sealer that we use, or the reasons why we choose specific sealers for certain jobs, we will be more than happy to go over that and educate you as well.
Also, please feel free, there is a lot of information on our website, so you can visit us at [our website]  – or you can check us out on Facebook. We are always available to talk on the phone, or if you would like to shoot us a text message… again, we really want to make sure our customers are well-educated as far as what they are getting into when it comes to sealing. Because it’s a huge decision to make, and we want to make sure that our homeowners and customers are very well taken care of and they get the best information that is out there, and the best products and the best services.

So please feel free, again, if you would like to give us a call or text: 813-335-2869, Premier Pro Wash & Seal. And again, I’m Tiffany. Have a nice day!