Driveways & Sidewalk Cleaning

Driveway or Sidewalk Due for a Cleaning?

Is your driveway and sidewalks in need of a makeover to uplift your homes curb appeal? Or maybe, you recently received an HOA violation? Did you know that dirty concrete filled with mold, dirt, and algae is actually a safety and health hazard? Premier Pro Wash & Seal’s cleaning technique for pressure washing concrete is second to none and guaranteed to have your concrete looking bright and clean, and more importantly, HOA violation-free. To begin, for pressure washing concrete, we always pretreat the substrate first with our special mix of ingredients to maximize cleaning efforts to ensure the concrete is cleaned right the very first time.

Depending on how dirty the driveway and sidewalks is, we allow the pretreat mix to dwell, as long as needed, before ever pressure washing concrete with our professional grade surface cleaner. After allowing the pretreat the favorable amount of time to maximize efforts, only then do we begin to pressure wash. Our surface cleaner (rotary tool) guarantees a professional and even clean throughout with each pass. No dirty wand marks or unevenness with our process. Afterwards, unlike most other companies, we post-treat the area again with our special mix of detergents to keep your concrete cleaner for a longer period of time.

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