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Let us take paver sealing off your home checklist, and bring back your beautiful, relaxing outdoor space.


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Let Paver Sealing Unlock Your Home's True Potential

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Peace of Mind

Take pride in your revitalized outdoor space, perfect for friendly gatherings or a quiet afternoon. Sealed pavers bring your outdoor area back to life, and serve as the perfect backdrop for hosting your friends and family.

Protect Your Pavers

Sealed pavers minimize corrosion and pitting of your pavers from mold, grime, and dirt. Preserve the life of your pavers with a high-quality seal. When accidents do happen, stains and spills are much easier to clean!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Sealed pavers preserve natural color and texture, bring out the beauty of your pavers, and create an inviting and well-maintained atmosphere. Bring back the natural beauty of your outdoor space with enhanced aesthetics and tranquility.


We understand that there are countless options when it comes to paver sealing companies, but with well over 650 5-star reviews, we are the vetted and trusted source for the highest quality paver sealing available. As a veteran and family owned company, we are extremely dedicated to customer service and ensure that every single one of our clients receives the level of service we would give our own mother.

Pavers expertly sealed - backed by our guarantee!

Have you noticed cloudy or flaking sealed pavers? This often occurs when solvent or oil-based sealers fail in Florida’s humid climate. Excessive moisture becomes trapped under the sealer, resulting in a cloudy appearance. Fixing this requires expensive chemical stripping. Protect your investment with the right sealer – our two-part professional-grade water-based sealer is guaranteed not to fail, trap moisture, flake, or yellow. Choose between an enhanced wet look or a natural look.

The Advantages of Professional Paver Sealing

Powerful Stain Protection

Regular paver maintenance is akin to brushing your teeth daily with fluoride toothpaste—it cleanses impurities and adds a protective shield. Unsealed pavers absorb spills, causing gradual damage. Instead of costly stain removal services, opt for periodic paver sealing like Premier Pro Wash & Seal offers. It prevents stains by filling pores with polymers. Over time, as we reapply sealer, it strengthens protection, ensuring long-lasting beauty and savings. Choose preventative measures over constant upkeep costs.

More Time to Relax

Homeowners often dread weeding, and weed killers can stain unsealed pavers. However, sealing pavers with our water-based sealer reduces this problem by hardening the sand-filled joints, making it difficult for plants to grow. This reduces weed growth and grants you the freedom to use most weed killers without concerns about staining!

Pain-Free Cleanup

Having sealed pavers simplifies the task of cleaning up after outdoor chores, requiring only a garden hose and mild soap. Unsealed pavers, on the other hand, stubbornly retain discoloration and are sensitive to commercial cleaners. Avoid the hassle of power washing every time there's a mess! Premier Pro Wash & Seal offers a solution: our two-part professional-grade water-based sealer. It preserves your pavers' cleanliness and aesthetics, ensuring easier maintenance without the need for frequent intensive cleaning.

Shield from Elements

In Florida, the unforgiving elements wreak havoc on your property. UV rays, rain, wind, and hail cause damage to your driveway, patio, or pool deck. You shouldn't have to constantly fret about their safety and longevity. Sealing your pavers offers protection from Mother Nature's onslaught, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain durable and worry-free for years to come.

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