Pool Deck and Screen Enclosures

Low-Pressure Washing for a Longer Clean

Pool decks and screen enclosures tend to get extremely dirty in Florida. Due to their constant moisture surroundings, pool decks, cages, and enclosures are more susceptible to algae, mold, and mildew causing an eye sore. We hear all the time from homeowners how they cleaned it themselves, but the green came right back. That is because when you are only pressure washing any surface with just water and pressure you are not actually killing the spore of the bacteria. Hence, why the funky green keeps returning over and over immediately afterwards the homeowner just cleaned it themselves. Instead, our special cleaning mix allows us a safer and better, longer lasting clean because we kill the fungus down to the spores of the funk growing on your screens, frames, and deck.

Premier Pro Wash & Seal highly trained employees clean with low pressure and the right mix of chemicals that provide our customers peace of mind knowing we will not damage their screens in the meantime. In fact, the pressure we use is equivalent of what comes out of a water hose. We let our chemistry do the work, not a high volume of pressure! After we soft wash your lanai screens and frames, you will be amazed of just how clean Premier Pro Wash & Seal achieved its results without blasting high pressure. Our quote includes cleaning the screens and frames inside and out and also the pool deck itself.

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