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What does UV rays, orange juice, and salt water have in common? They can all discolor and damage travertine tile!

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Your natural stone pool deck, driveway, or patio will thank you when the right sealant protects them from heavy traffic, stains, and Florida’s subtropical weather.

And that occasional Winter freeze?

Without sealant, travertine absorbs moisture like a sponge! After water settles in pores with nowhere to go, the stone cracks under pressure from ice expansion.


Sealed travertine tiles will brush off the cold and won’t soak up water, leaving your gorgeous outdoor investment in one piece.

If you have a darker colored travertine, the sun will bleach them in only a year or two without proper protection. In fact, sealing these stones will enhance their color and appearance.

Travertine Sealing Done Right

Our entire process of sealing travertine is methodical. With expert knowledge and proper techniques, your natural stone will be clean and beautiful again in no time.

Step 1: Identify any stains or other issues

First step we take is addressing any inorganic stains such as rust, grease spills from a grill, efflorescence or oil spills.  Each of these stains requires a different approach.  For example, if an acid is used to treat rust or efflorescence, then afterwards, we will need to neutralize it to prevent an adverse reaction later on while sealing.  Unfortunately, not all stains can be removed.  They are just that, stains.  Premier Pro Wash & Seal will do everything within our power to remove them first.  Afterwards, it’s time to begin the deep cleaning process.

Step 2: Wash & Rinse

Natural stone should be sealed when it is 100% free and clear of any residue or dirt. To accomplish this, we use a safe and effective alkaline or neutral cleanser to wash the material.  We prefer to wash in multiple directions to give a more thorough and deeper cleansing.  This is also the stage we remove any pesky weeds if necessary and sometimes require a special cleaning tool called a turbo nozzle to remove the stubborn ones.  Next, time to rinse!

Then we rinse the surface with a lot of water. We want to make sure that there is absolutely no leftover soap or debris or any other unnecesary chemical left on or in-between the stones.  Residue left behind can hinder the adhesion of the sealer and reduce its performance.

Step 3: Seal

If there is anything I hope you take when choosing a contractor when it comes to sealing in Florida is this: use a water-based sealer!  I’m foot stomping this sentence as I write it.  Admittedly, most water-based sealers don’t last as long as solvent-based sealers, but they are far less toxic and environmentally friendly. Their risk of failing is almost nil compared to solvent or oil based sealers.  Water-based sealers are also best used in wet-areas like around the pool and can be applied to damp travertine in muggy weather.

When using a solvent-based sealer, the natural stone must be entirely dry with no exceptions. The last thing you want to do is trap moisture inside of your travertine and these sealers will do just that!  Most assume that just because it has not rained in a couple of days that the travertine must be dry.  That could not be further from the truth.  A moisture test should be performed before applying a solvent or oil based sealer, and unfortunately, that is the step most ignore and it ends up costing the homeowner big time later on when they want their travertine rectified.

Considering the humidity and rain we receive in the Tampa Bay area, it’s hard to achieve a perfectly dry rock. This is why we recommend water-based sealers.

Not every sealer is equal and when picking a sealer for your travertine, we have a few different options to choose from.

When you choose Premier Pro Wash & Seal we offer a variety of sealers including:

        • Impregnating sealers for travertine
        • Semi glossy
        • Enhancing
        • Natural                                                                                                                                                                

Hire Us to Seal Your Travertine

If you’re seeking the comfort and security that your travertines are well protected from the elements and spills, get them sealed right away by professionals!  You do not just want anyone sealing your travertine.  Hire a professional

Premier Pro Wash and Seal specializes in travertine sealing and our highly trained technicians will treat your natural stone with the extra care and attention that it deserves.

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