Travertine Sealing

Don’t Let Just Anyone Seal Your Travertine

Premier Pro Wash and Seal specializes in travertine sealing. Travertine is unlike pavers when sealing is needed. Travertine is a natural stone that is very dense and requires a special blend of expertise, knowledge, and the right type of sealer to provide the perfect blend of cleaning and sealing needed. In the wrong hands using the wrong type of sealer, travertine can easily be misjudged and mishandled which can become very costly to correct. Premier Pro Wash and Seal will provide you a few different options and approaches to seal your travertine.

We have a natural and enhanced option and also an option of sealers to use to make sure your travertine is sealed safely. Travertine is already a very slippery surface without any sealer so it is important to be properly educated with a staff that knows how to seal travertine safely and effectively.

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