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How Can You Save on Your Paver Repair?

Are you reducing your concrete paver’s beauty and longevity? If you don’t wash and seal your pavers, you are! And paver repair could become expensive! Pavers are a big investment with huge rewards. They increase your home’s curb appeal and add value to your property. It’s estimated that pavers can last 30 years or more […]

Disaster DIY Projects: Pressure Wash and Sealing

Pressure washers are purchased and rented by Florida residents by the thousands! Homeowners want to save money on their home maintenance projects, and it’s understandable. Owning a home is a huge investment and taking care of it can be expensive. Especially when you live on the Florida coast, storms blow in all kinds of trouble. And […]

Driveway Pressure Cleaning: How Often do You Need to Clean Your Driveway?

Determining how often you need to clean your driveway can be tricky. Your driveway may need to be cleaned as often as every 6 months or as infrequently as every year and a half. It all depends on the location of your property and the amount of traffic and activity in the area. If you are […]

Paver Sealing Demo on Pavers, Concrete, and Coping

Paver Sealing Demo

In today’s episode, we wanted to go over some different scenarios here that we have sealed and show you the benefits of what it looks like, once the stones are sealed versus not sealed. So we’ll start off here in the far left. Concrete You can see this is concrete. I just took an old […]

How do You Keep Weeds and Grass from Growing Between the Pavers?

How do we control the weeds from growing in between the pavers? The short answer to that: If you have them sealed, we can create a barrier using our sand and sealing process to really control the weeds from being able to come up! Locking the sealer and sand is key! When we come out […]

How to Clean a Lanai Floor

Your lanai is a tremendous investment that will last many years. In fact, with proper maintenance, it can last a lifetime! But it isn’t easy to clean. So, how to clean a lanai floor? Either you have to scrub it by hand or use pressure washing techniques to power through the task. Despite what online […]

Does Sealing Pavers Prevent Weeds?

When you installed your pavers, you didn’t expect to grow a garden in between every block. Yet your sanded joints have turned into green landscaping and you have a collection of empty weed killer bottles that continues to grow.  In a moment of desperation, you reach for your phone and search, “How do you combat […]

Why Stable Pavers are Important

Pavers are a beautiful investment that can upgrade the aesthetics of your driveway, pool deck, or patio and can last a lifetime if maintained properly. They increase your curb appeal and the value of your property because they serve as an attractive and durable patio or driveway material choice.  But how they are maintained can […]

DIY Power Washer – the Dangers of Doing It Yourself

So you’ve decided to clean your own property and invest in a power washer… But what exactly is a power washer? It sounds powerful, right? And what makes this clean machine a date with disaster? Discover the many DIY power washer blunders, and why more pressure isn’t always a good thing. What is a Power […]

Commercial Property Clean Up: 4 Benefits of Washing Your Commercial Property

Business is a dog-eat-dog world, and one of the best ways to attract new customers and keep your old ones is by maintaining a spotless appearance. Your business will benefit by scheduling a full commercial property clean up regularly, but how? We explore 4 benefits of washing your commercial property in today’s blog post. From […]