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Driveway Pressure Cleaning: How Often do You Need to Clean Your Driveway?

Determining how often you need to clean your driveway can be tricky. Your driveway may need to be cleaned as often as every 6 months or as infrequently as every year and a half. It all depends on the location of your property and the amount of traffic and activity in the area. If you are […]

Paver Sealing Demo on Pavers, Concrete, and Coping

Paver Sealing Demo

In today’s episode, we wanted to go over some different scenarios here that we have sealed and show you the benefits of what it looks like, once the stones are sealed versus not sealed. So we’ll start off here in the far left. Concrete You can see this is concrete. I just took an old […]

How to Clean a Sidewalk and Why You Should Keep it Clean

Your sidewalk creates a strong first impression. When it’s clean, people know you care about your property. But when your sidewalk looks dirty, your curb appeal diminishes.  You may have tried to clean a sidewalk yourself, but the “dirt” just came back or it never went away in the first place. That “dirt” was probably […]

Why Should You Hire a Professional Rust Stain Remover?

Rust — It deteriorates metal and plagues human existence. Yellow, orange, and reddish-brown hues stain anything in its path. If you see it on the exterior of your commercial or residential property, take notice; It’s not just ugly, it’s destructive! But why hire a professional rust stain remover? To answer that, we need to investigate what […]

Why Is Driveway Cleaning So Important?

If you have a concrete driveway, it’s important to invest in having it cleaned on a regular basis. Driveway cleaning improves the curb appeal of your property, helping to increase the value of your home overall. It also provides you with the following additional benefits: Driveway Cleaning Reduces Weed Growth Each season, weeds drop their […]

Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash

Soft wash vs pressure wash – why is that difference so important? You would think that cleaning surfaces was a simple job, but it isn’t. Even in your home, you use a variety of cleaning tools and detergents to get every object cleaned well without harming it.  You wouldn’t mop your carpet with bleach or […]

Is it a Good Idea to Seal Your Driveway? 5 Benefits of Sealing Your Driveway

Is it a good idea to seal your driveway? Yes, it is! A driveway can last 20 years or more with proper care, but everything from oxygen to water and sunshine is slowly wearing down the paving material. That’s why a sealant should be applied once every two to three years.    Paver sealings lock out […]

Pressure washing driveway and sidewalks basics

Driveway Cleaning Alright guys we’re back with Premiere Pro Wash and Seal.  We just did this driveway clean.  Anytime we do a driveway clean, when we give you a quote, it includes the front entrance. It also includes the sidewalks and the driveway itself. We’re all done here, we just put some of the stuff […]