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How to Clean a Sidewalk and Why You Should Keep it Clean

Your sidewalk creates a strong first impression. When it’s clean, people know you care about your property. But when your sidewalk looks dirty, your curb appeal diminishes.  You may have tried to clean a sidewalk yourself, but the “dirt” just came back or it never went away in the first place. That “dirt” was probably […]

Prevent an HOA Violation – Keep Your Property Clean

If you want to buy a property with an HOA (Home Owner Association) in Florida or you already did, you will have to abide by their rules and avoid an HOA violation. The reason these planned communities have such a tough standard is fantastic — they work hard to maintain a high property value for […]

Pressure washing driveway and sidewalks basics

Driveway Cleaning Alright guys we’re back with Premiere Pro Wash and Seal.  We just did this driveway clean.  Anytime we do a driveway clean, when we give you a quote, it includes the front entrance. It also includes the sidewalks and the driveway itself. We’re all done here, we just put some of the stuff […]