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How Much Does it Cost to Have Pavers Sealed?

Restore Your Pavers: Cost To Have Pavers Sealed

In this video, I want to go over the pricing structure when it comes to the question: “What do you charge per square foot to seal my pavers?” It’s a question we get quite often. It’s a fair question, but unfortunately, it’s just not a question that I can answer over the phone, and it’s […]

How do You Keep Weeds and Grass from Growing Between the Pavers?

How do we control the weeds from growing in between the pavers? The short answer to that: If you have them sealed, we can create a barrier using our sand and sealing process to really control the weeds from being able to come up! Locking the sealer and sand is key! When we come out […]

Which Sand is Used for Pavers? Hint: NO Play Sand

  This is Jeremy with Premier Pro Wash & Seal. I thought I’d make a short video on the type of sand that’s needed for paver sealing. This is an area that doesn’t get touched on enough because people need to realize how important the quality of the sand that you are using when it […]

Why are There White Spots on my Pavers? Treating Efflorescence on Pavers

  Efflorescence on Pavers – Preparation for Removal Good morning. Today we are going over efflorescence removal. First thing we want to do is get the pavers wet. This entire area here is suffering from what we call “efflorescence“. Simply, it’s just the calcium deposits making their way to the top. What expedites that is […]