Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Contractor for Paver Sealing

When you see discounts and deals, it’s easy to get caught in the hype. After all, that cash can be spent in better places! But when it comes to home maintenance, you shouldn’t hire a cheap contractor for paver sealing. 

They may not come off as dirt cheap. Maybe they have a super amazing special for a limited time (that never ends). Or they want to cut you a deal “as a favor.” Whatever they tell you, it’s all a gimmick or a trick to attract good people who just want to save their hard-earned money.

The truth is, cheap contractors have dark secrets. Many of them aren’t insured, trained, or certified. Their equipment and products are inferior, and the results can be horrifying.

The Dirt on Cheap Paver Sealing

When you hire cheap contractors, you get what you pay for. A guy in a truck might pull up and use the same standard pressure washer wand you have in your garage.

There is no guarantee that they will:

  • Pretreat stains correctly
  • Use safe and effective products
  • Clean your pavers thoroughly

Sealing over stains and dirt not only traps them but reduces the effectiveness of the sealer. Then your sealer peels and flakes! 

Professional contractors for paver sealing will precisely identify stains and know the right solution to lift them without harming your brick or concrete pavers. Then they will use a rotary surface cleaner to provide your driveway, patio, or lanai with a deep clean that’s even. (No streaks!)  

Sanding Know-How

Before sealing pavers, it’s important to re-sand the joints. This prevents the pavers from shifting, sinking, or grinding against one another. It also helps to mitigate weeds.

When your pavers are sealed, the sand becomes rock hard which acts as a defense against contamination and moisture penetration.

So how does a cheap contractor handle sanding? Many of them will try to convince you that it isn’t necessary. This is such a common ploy that a vast amount of homeowners ask us to skip this crucial step. They have been convinced it’s a waste of time.

If you have ever stepped on a loose paver, you know what a hazard it can be! It may have caused you to trip, stumble, or fall. Both the prevention and solution to loose pavers is sanding! This is a detrimental step to keep you and your family safe.

But cheap contractors don’t want to sand because they don’t know how to or don’t care about your property. They won’t properly sand 1/8th inch from the surface of your pavers, and they may even cut costs by using play sand that could have sand fleas and other nasty impurities! 

Premier Pro Wash & Seal only uses sterile coarse silica sand that is pure and safe. This ensures that your joints will remain clean and free of microorganisms and pests. 

It’s All in the Paver Sealer

One of the most important factors in a quality paver sealing job is the sealer used. A cheap contractor will use a cheap sealer, and that’s bad news for your property.

Solvent-based sealers trap moisture and value acrylic sealers have poor UV resistance. What you need isn’t something that can be found in your local Walmart or home improvement store. What you need is a professional-grade, 2-part, water-based sealer.

Two-part water-based sealers need to be mixed together which can be a tricky process. Like any recipe, too much or too little of something will cause the whole mixture to go wrong. It takes experience and knowledge to get it just right.

Once mixed, the sealer needs to be applied evenly. If puddling occurs, it can lead to white spots, discoloration, and hazy areas.

Professional Contractors for Paver Sealing Near Me?

When you hire experts, you receive quality service you can trust. They are certified and trained to do the job right and have insurance that will protect the technician, you, and your home should something go wrong. 

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and need your driveway, patio, or pool deck sealed, you want to avoid cheap contractors. There are too many things that can go wrong!

Contact the pros at Premier Pro Wash & Seal to protect your investment and spend more time enjoying your beautiful pavers.

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