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3 Things To Know About Power Washing Your Property

It can be challenging to keep the exterior of your home clean. Hurricane season often brings a lot of filth to your front door. Not only is it likely to cover your home with dirt, but it can also bring in problems such as mold, algae, pollen, mildew, and grime that clings to your siding. 

Pressure Washing Apollo Beach

When looking at a home or property that is visibly dirty, you might want to consider power washing to help get the job done for you. However, hiring a professional to power wash your house is better than attempting to do it yourself. Here are three things you should know about power washing your property.

1. Power Washing On Your Own Property Can Cause Damages

Power washers spray water with a lot of force. This helps remove all the dirt and weeds that have blown onto your house, driveway, and fence. But because of the amount of force they use, they can do different types of damage. It is possible that they can cause water damage, electrical damage, erosion, and damage to siding, plants, windows, and vinyl. It can be tricky to know exactly how much pressure you should use when using a power washer to clean your house’s exterior, especially when you do not have experience using it. You may not want to pull the trigger yourself and instead let a professional power-washing business get everything cleaned for you.

2. Power Washers Can Be Physically Dangerous

It may seem obvious after knowing what kind of damage power washers can cause to your home’s property and exterior. However, coming in contact with the water sprayed from a power washer can be very dangerous and lead to injury. Pressure washers can use so much force that it is comparable to a fired bullet. Getting hit by the water force can put you at risk of serious injury. Rather than tackling the power washer yourself, hiring a professional cleaner to provide their expertise and safety standards to reduce the risk of hurting anyone is better.

3. Soft Wash Versus Hard Wash—What’s The Difference?

Pressure washers do not only have a powerful setting, but they also have a softer setting which is used for different things. Your house’s exterior, porch, and fence should be washed using a soft wash setting. Cleaning solutions are mixed with water to help clean off dirt, mold, and mildew. Many people with power washers immediately set them to high pressure and aim them at their houses to get the work done, which is more likely to cause damage. High-pressure washing is better to use on sidewalks and driveways than directly on the house. 

If you live in the Apollo Beach area, call the experts at Premiere Pro Wash and Seal to handle your house’s external pressure washing needs. The best way to ensure your home is cleaned correctly and safely is to allow professionals to come and get the work done for you so you do not have to deal with the risks. Allow them to help you get your house nice and clean.

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