Paver Sealing

  • Are your pavers or travertine dull, lifeless, and losing their color and luster?
  • Is your paver pool deck or driveway being overrun by mold, algae and weeds?

If you answered yes to any of these, we can certainly help!

Premier Pro Wash & Seal is the leading authority for Professional Paver and Travertine Sealing in the Tampa Bay Area.  Our professionally trained, expert paver sealing technicians are ready to bring back the beauty to your investment and protect your pavers from future damages.

Both new and old pavers should be sealed.  Sealing older pavers or travertine is imperative to prevent any further degradation of the stones and to protect their integrity.  Sealing new pavers is just as important as new installations are very costly projects. We all want our paver investments protected for years to come and properly sealing your pavers is how to do just that!

Don’t let your beautiful investment get ruined from the excessive Florida rains and harsh UV Rays. Instead, protect them from the start by hiring Premier Pro Wash & Seal’s Paver Sealing Specialists to properly seal your pavers or travertine and preserve the “new” look before damage has been done.

We do recommend waiting a minimum of 60 days after install before any sealer is applied to your pavers to allow them to go through their natural curing process.

Why should I seal my Pavers or Travertine?

1. Protection

Protection should be your main reason to seal.  Properly sealed pavers will block the pores in the bricks and create a protective barrier. This barrier helps maintain the structural integrity of pavers or travertine while also protecting them from extreme heat and harmful UV Rays. Paver sealing also helps to protect the colors within the stones from fading and bleaching out.  Sealed pavers will also help repel against oil leaks, wine spills, BBQ grease, accidental droppings, and other common inorganic stains. Accidental spills and leak cleanups are so much easier with sealed pavers versus unsealed pavers.

2. Color Enhancement

Are you tired of looking at your faded pavers and reminiscing of the color and vibrance they once had?  Our FL sun doesn’t play around and wrecks havoc on colored pavers. We have sadly seen unsealed, dark colored pavers literally turn white in color from the sun bleaching them over time. Save your pavers now before it’s too late.  Let the Pro’s help bring back the color of your pavers like the day they were installed!  Sealing your pavers will enhance the natural colors within the stones creating a beautiful color pop. Not only will sealing restore pavers from a faded, dry, sun bleached, and worn out look, but it will help prevent further fading and degradation of the brick or stone.

3. Sand Stabilization & Weed Inhibitor

Let’s get those pesky weeds under control! How you may ask? Our preferred commercial, water-based sealer allows for superior sand joint stabilization as our sealer actually locks the sand in place.  By stabilizing and locking down the sand in-between your pavers, it will drastically reduce sand washout, significantly decrease weed growth, and protect the bricks from shifting around or even collapsing.

4. Algae & Mold Inhibitor

Tired of unsightly and excessive mold, mildew, or algae overtaking your beautiful pavers and stones? You are not alone! We live in a hot, moist, tropical environment, which makes our pavers a breeding ground for these eye sores. In fact, one of the most common concerns expressed by our customers is how they can rid the mold, mildew, and algae. Sealed pavers dry much faster than non sealed surfaces, thus greatly reducing algae and mold growth.  While nothing can completely eliminate the mold from returning, sealed pavers help prevent mold from reaching deep into the stones making cleanup much easier and more efficient.

Think of sealed pavers like a freshly waxed car. The car still gets dusty but cleaning a waxed car is a breeze in comparison to an unwaxed car.

Now…Let’s Talk Sealers!

Have you ever seen previously sealed pavers that have a cloudy, white, milky look to them? How about pavers that appear the sealer is almost flaking off in areas? If so, chances are the previous contractor used a solvent or oil based sealer and unfortunately, you are now looking at failed sealer. Sadly, we see this almost daily and good luck trying to get the previous contractor to come back and fix their mistake.

Solvent sealers often fail in Florida due to our copious amounts of rainfall and humidity throughout the year. Over time, the moisture gets trapped under the sealer and cannot breathe. The moisture retention creates a cloudy, white, and blotchy appearance. We, at Premier Pro Wash & Seal, prefer a safer, sealer alternative. A sealer that provides you peace of mind, is extremely reliable, and will not fail.  Why is this so important?  Once sealer fails on your pavers, the only resolution to fix this issue, is to now chemically strip off the failed sealer.  A customer is now easily looking at 3-5 times the cost of sealing to restore the pavers.  Don’t fall victim to letting just any one or any sealer to be applied to your paver investment.  You’ve spent too much money having your pavers installed so make sure that you protect them with a sealer that will hold up and not fail.

Our sealer is guaranteed not to fail, trap moisture, flake, or turn yellow.

We offer two different choices – an enhanced (wet look) or a natural look.  By far the most popular choice for pavers is our enhanced version.

When complete, the finished look will be almost equivalent to how your pavers look after it rains.  The wet look is a clean look that brings out the color with a nice, light sheen.

We do not have sealers that produce a high gloss.  Be careful with high, high gloss sealers because they are typically a solvent or oil based sealer which we are against in Florida.  For natural stones such as travertine and marble, the data tells us that our natural sealer is almost as popular as our enhanced sealer.  About half of our clients prefer the natural look while the other half prefers the wet look.  Whereas for pavers, almost 98% prefer the enhanced version.  The choice is yours!

Another added benefit to using a water-based sealer is that in most cases, your sealing project can be completed in one day…weather permitting. No one likes to be inconvenienced by having contractors around your home for days working on a project so being able to complete your job in one day is another reason why water-based sealers are so popular with our customers. You get not only a gorgeous end result with a top of the line sealer that is guaranteed not to fail, but you can also get back to enjoying your driveway, lanai, or pool deck as soon as possible.

Our Professional Sealing Process:

First, we attack any stains such as rust, efflo, oil, and grease stains.  Afterwards, we deep clean the pavers and joint spaces to remove stains, debris, and mold as much as possible using our 8 gallons per minute rotary tools we call surface cleaners. We go an extra step and wash the pavers in multiple directions to give your pavers the ultimate deep clean.  When needed to go the extra step, we use a turbo nozzle to ensure we get out the dirt and grime that sometimes gets deeply embedded in-between the paver joints even after a through washing by the surface cleaners.

Once our expert technicians ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned, we then fill the joint spaces with a recommended sand that is coarse, angular sand that has been filtered from any nutrients. This is very important, and an area other businesses fail, because using the wrong type of sand can wreak havoc later down the road with increased mold, algae, and weed issues. We highly discourage use of play sand or any type of thin sand or polymeric sand here in Florida. These sands typically have not been filtered causing a breeding ground for mold.

While filling the joints with sand, we prefer using a wet sanding approach if applicable.  The wet sanding technique allows the weight of the water to help pack in the sand which helps reduce air pockets in the sand while spraying sealer later on in the process.  We fill the sand to their proper depth levels, which is 1/4″ – 1/8″ below the chamfered edge of the pavers. Afterwards, our team is very meticulous when it comes to cleaning up excess sand. We go above and beyond to ensure excess sand is wiped and vacuumed from your door jams, frames, sliders, and around your pool enclosures. Only until we have met all of our internal checklist and criteria are we then ready to proceed to sealing.  Finally, once the preparation is completed and meets our standards, we apply two to three coats of sealer.

Once sealed, our clients can walk on the pavers after 4 hours, return furniture after 24 hours, swim in the pool after 24 hours, pets may walk on them after 24 hours, allow vehicles after 48 hours, and allow lawn care work after 48 hours.

Maintenance Plans:

My pavers are cleaned and sealed, now what? Premier Pro Wash & Seal offers a completely optional maintenance cleaning program to our sealing customers to help their pavers or travertine stay in pristine condition until it is time to seal again in 2-3 years. Our plan is based on six month cycles where we come back to your property and perform a low pressure, chemical wash of the area to ensure your property is properly maintained.  There is no contract and maintenance plans can be stopped at any time.  We do encourage customers to have their pavers maintained after sealing, either by us or for those that want to do it themselves, to keep preserve their pavers for years to come.

To learn more about why we excel at what we do and for more useful info, check out our blog.

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