Best Paver Sealer: The Importance of Quality

The best method to safeguard your paver investment is to seal them. But there are virtually endless options, but the most important choice is between water-based or solvent-based paver sealer.

If you live in Florida, you are in luck because there is a clear winner. The best paver sealer is a water-based sealer that provides you with the highest quality results. 

After all, the best paver sealers:

  • keep pavers in place
  • reduce joint erosion
  • resist stains
  • increase longevity
  • protect against the elements

So what makes water-based sealers so much better than solvent-based sealers in Florida? To answer that, we need to explain the basics.

How Does Paver Sealer Work? 

Pavers have millions of tiny holes called “pores.” These pores cause the pavers to soak up any liquid that comes in contact with it. This leads to a whole host of problems, including:

  • Moisture 
  • Mold
  • Algae
  • Bacteria
  • Staining
  • Damage

When liquid gets inside your pavers in Tampa, Florida, it doesn’t want to leave. Any microorganisms, tannins, or oils it carries with it can get trapped deep under the substrate’s surface. 

To prevent stains from settling into the pores of your pavers, we apply a paver sealer that uses polymers to fill those holes. 

After a few years, the sealer begins to wear off. We reapply it to renew and sustain the protection. Each new coat will strengthen the sealer’s protective qualities by reinforcing the pavers with even more polymers.

Why Are Water-Based Sealers Better? 

Solvent-based sealers cause complications in Florida that water-based sealers don’t. When you want beautiful results, the right choice is a no-brainer. Water-based sealers are superior. 

But why?

Both water-based sealers and solvent-based sealers contain acrylic polymers. The manner in which those polymers are dispersed is a key point of difference between the two and where solvent-based sealers fail to deliver. 

Sealants that are water-based do their job of dispersing polymers by utilizing water molecules, as their name suggests. This results in a mixture that is far less thick and can be applied with considerably less effort. It also allows all moisture (even water trapped under the sealer) to evaporate. 

Solvent-based sealers have solid materials that cause the mixture to be thick and trap moisture once it’s dried. Holding moisture under the surface causes cloudy discoloration, flaking, and peeling. 

Quality Water-Based Sealer

You can protect, revitalize and beautify your pavers with a quality water-based sealer. But what raises the quality? 

Professional-Grade Sealer

Professional-grade sealers are reserved for experts in the field. These are not the products in your local department store or home improvement depot. The best paver sealers will be provided by professional sealing contractors who are licensed and certified. 

2-Part Sealer

A 2-part sealer is better than a 1-part sealer if the mixture is measured correctly. Most commercial grade sealers are pre-mixed for ease of use and safety. Although this is convenient, it’s not the highest quality product you can use.

When anything has a choice of one or two parts, two parts will be stronger and last longer. But they can be tricky to mix and have a time limit once combined. This makes it the perfect option for professionals who work efficiently and provide superior results, like Premier Pro Wash & Seal.

Who Seals Pavers in the Tampa Bay Area?

Although solvent-based sealers may be a great choice for Americans who live in drier climates, it’s not the best paver sealer for people living in the Sunshine State

Water-based sealers are the ideal choice for residents who live in a subtropical environment, including those in the Tampa Bay area and all over Florida. Not only does it perform fantastically in humid climates and rainy weather, it’s also safer, simpler to apply, and long-lasting. 

The paver sealer Premier Pro Wash & Seal uses is a high-quality, professional-grade two-part water-based sealer that allows the pavers to release moisture without ever peeling, flaking, yellowing, or failing in any way. It’s UV resistant and enhances your paver’s natural beauty.

Contact us today if you want to enjoy beautiful pavers in your future.

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