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Commercial Property Clean Up: 4 Benefits of Washing Your Commercial Property

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Commercial Property Clean Up: 4 Benefits of Washing Your Commercial Property

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Business is a dog-eat-dog world, and one of the best ways to attract new customers and keep your old ones is by maintaining a spotless appearance. Your business will benefit by scheduling a full commercial property clean up regularly, but how?

We explore 4 benefits of washing your commercial property in today’s blog post. From your exterior walls to the sidewalk outside, when these aspects of your business look good, so do you. 

1. Curb appeal

Every business person worth their salt knows that image is everything. The way your visitors perceive your commercial property is vital to your success. If it looks dingy, they assume that it’s just as unsanitary inside.

Your professional image is so important that over 52% of customers reported that they completely avoided a business because it appeared to be dirty from the street. And just over 33% didn’t return if they deduced that the location was dirty during their visit. [Source]

That’s a staggering amount of lost business over appearance! Is it really worth it when there is such an easy solution? Call Premier Pro Wash & Seal and schedule a commercial property clean up as soon as possible and reclaim your curb appeal and your customer base.

2. A healthier environment for your guests

Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, hotel, or other commercial space, a clean property sends a message to your visitors — You care about their health and safety. If someone has severe allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, pollen and mold buildup can pose a serious health risk.

People don’t want to sneeze, cough, and wheeze their way around your business, and they will choose to go elsewhere if they are. Once they’ve given up on your establishment, you have probably lost them for good. That’s why it’s critical to maintain a clean space at all times and not allow a buildup to occur.

When you receive a commercial property clean up from Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we will not only wash away dirt and pollen but also mildew, mold, moss, algae, and lichen. 

When you simply pressure-wash a surface covered in microorganisms, all it does is break them apart and push them around. But when a trained technician from Premier Pro Wash & Seal washes these surfaces, we use a special solution that obliterates the microorganisms and kills them on contact. We also post-treat surfaces to keep them away for much longer.

3. Structure Longevity

Chances are, the “dirt” on your exterior surfaces isn’t just soil, but algae. Microorganisms like algae have to eat too, and they enjoy dirty places. Algae may be green when it’s alive, but when it dies, it turns black and it’s hard to clean off. Mold can also appear black and collect in grooves and crevices. Moss loves company and finds dead algae and mold a great place to take up residence.

As these microorganisms sit on your walls and concrete, they excrete substances that aren’t friendly. These substances can not only permanently stain the substrate but also decompose it at a faster rate.

To preserve your commercial property and protect it from harm, Premier Pro Wash & Seal soft washes exterior walls with a gentle pressure that is no stronger than a garden hose. The reason it cleans so well is the solution we mix in with water. This mixture loosens build-up and lets the water wash it away. It’s much safer for your walls than rough pressure wash methods that risk injuring the side of your building. 

4. Happy Returning Customers

A scary fact is that 25 out of 26 customers who have a complaint about your business won’t say a word about it. Instead, they will act on it by never coming back. If you’re really unlucky, they will talk poorly about your property to friends and family, immediately turning them off from ever wanting to visit your establishment. 

But happy customers create a positive impact on your business through the strongest form of marketing known to humankind — word of mouth. On average, 72% of your happy customers will tell 6 people about you. [Source]

First impressions are everything, but returning customers need to see consistency. If you pride yourself on retaining customers, then you want to keep your property clean inside and outside all the time.

Commercial Property Wash Services for the Greater Tampa Bay Area in Florida

Do your building exterior, fences, and pool screens need a makeover? We will give them new life with a gentle but effective soft wash! 

Are your concrete, pavers, and travertines in need of attention too? Don’t use a pressure wash wand! Our 8-gallon rotary surface cleaner will get the job done quickly without streaks

Professionals who have quality equipment and know-how to clean commercial property the right way should perform all of your exterior cleaning maintenance. If your business is in the Tampa Bay area and needs to be washed, get in touch with Premier Pro Wash & Seal for a free quote!