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Commercial Property Cleaning: 4 Tips for Maintaining a Clean Commercial Property

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Commercial Property Cleaning: 4 Tips for Maintaining a Clean Commercial Property

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Let’s face it, when you own a commercial property, the work never ends. It is a fantastic investment, but one that will require time and effort on your part. Even if you pay contractors to get various jobs done in and around your building, none of them will have the same care and concern for the property as you will. It’s still necessary to check in once in a while, look around, and get busy! This week’s blog post is all about commercial property cleaning.

If you are a first-time commercial property owner or recently purchased commercial property in Florida and you’re unfamiliar with our unique problems, this is the blog post for you! Read on to discover 4 important tips for maintaining a clean commercial property in Florida.   

1. Pick up Trash

Commercial properties are high-traffic areas with people traveling through 24/7. That means small pieces of trash, discarded fast-food containers, and even full plastic bags could be lying around your building. 


Your guests or tenants aren’t always to blame. People passing by may not see a bin to dispose of their garbage and debris is easily blown around by the wind. 

Let’s face it, finding garbage lying around is inevitable!

To keep a healthy and safe environment, it’s important to keep enough trash bins around your property, change the bags inside of them frequently, and have a cleaning crew come along and sweep up any bits or pieces of garbage before it collects. 

2. Control Weeds

Weeds are relentless! And they will find their way into every available space.

Landscaping services can help you to remove weeds from your lawn, but what about the weeds growing in the cracks and crevices of your walkway or driveway?

Premier Pro Wash & Seal can clean your sidewalks or patio surfaces with our rotary surface cleaner that pumps out 8 gallons of water per minute. If you have stone or brick paths, we can wash, resand, and seal pavers to preserve the materials and resist weeds. 

Re-sanding with silica sand is an important protection against possible microorganisms or renegade seeds that may try to grow in the gaps in between each block. When the sealer is applied, it absorbs into the sand, leaving a hard and unfriendly environment for plants to grow.

When you hire Premier Pro Wash & Seal to wash and seal, you can expect to see far fewer weeds than you experienced before. There still might be a few very hardy plants that attempt to put down their roots, but not many have the strength to withstand a season.

3. Make Repairs

As much as you may hope that others will tell you something is broken, it’s not always the reality. It’s your responsibility as the commercial property owners to check over the exterior of the building and surrounding landscaping for hazards or broken items. 

Be sure to look up and around often, especially paying attention to your

  • Roof
  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Fences

Carefully remove risks to safeguard your visitors, tenants, or guests. If the object is not something that you can pick up and carry away safely, use safety cones or caution tape to effectively warn nearby people of the threat while you plan its repair. 

4. Wash Mold, Algae, and Dirt

If you live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, it’s highly likely that while you are on a walk around your property, you will notice black or green discoloration on:

  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Paver driveways
  • Fences
  • Lanai
  • Travertine pool decks
  • Patios

If this is your first time owning property in Florida, these dirty areas may surprise you by how fast they appear and spread. In a panic, you might rush to the internet and come across a slew of blogs about how to clean your commercial property yourself. 

But that’s the worst thing that you could do!

You may make a novice’s error by purchasing dangerous power washer equipment. High pressured water can chip paint and accelerate the aging of surfaces through water erosion, reducing the life of the building materials. 

The truth is, the problem doesn’t get better by doing it yourself, in fact, it can get bigger. When you only use water to remove mold, mildew, and algae, it spreads more and comes back quickly! And when you use strong detergents from your local home improvement store, you could permanently damage the area you apply it to. 

So how will your commercial property ever look nice again?

It can and will look nearly brand-new if you call in professionals. Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to receive regular maintenance services than it is to rent all of the equipment and DIY. 

And the results will be 100 times better when you call in the pros. 

Every stain and surface requires specific methods and techniques that result in a deep, long-lasting clean.

Premier Pro Wash & Seal Serving the Tampa Bay Area

If you own commercial property in the Tampa Bay area, you need to set up a regular maintenance schedule with a licensed and insured company like Premier Pro Wash & Seal to wash your exterior property surfaces.

Reclaim your domain and renew your curb appeal. Say goodbye to unsightly mold and algae ruining the natural beauty of your property. 

Don’t settle for a cheap uninsured company that will only shrug and carry on if they damage your things. Make sure that the people you trust are affordable, responsible, and well-trained to do the job right the first time. 

Help your commercial property to look attractive, keep guests happy, and attract more visitors with the expert cleaning knowledge behind Premier Pro Wash & Seal. 

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