DIY Power Washer – the Dangers of Doing It Yourself

So you’ve decided to clean your own property and invest in a power washer… But what exactly is a power washer? It sounds powerful, right? And what makes this clean machine a date with disaster?

Discover the many DIY power washer blunders, and why more pressure isn’t always a good thing.

What is a Power Washer?

A power washer is a pressure washer that heats, propelling a jet of scalding force at the target. General pressure (not power) washers apply water and force but use cool water instead

Gallons of water shoot out of a nozzle at high pressure to remove dirt, debris, mold, algae, mildew, and lichens. Just like your hot washing machine settings, the hot water from a power washer helps to loosen stubborn grime so that it can be rinsed free.

Premier Pro Wash & Seal uses an industrial rotary surface cleaner that pumps out 8 gallons per minute of hot water to clean your pavers, concrete, and travertines. This is similar to a power washer’s design without the extreme pressure (which makes it gentler). 

After pre-treating the surface, the hot water helps to loosen filth deep in cracks and pores while the immense amount of water flushes the foreign contaminants away. 

Physical Dangers of a DIY Power Washer

Wielding a powerful tool might seem cool until you accidentally get hit with the burning hot stream. That’s why it’s crucial that you always take proper safety precautions when using any pressure washer equipment. The best solution is: Let the professionals take care of it!

The amount of pressure a power washer uses is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch. This machinery forces so much water through that the stream exerts weight on whatever it touches. In fact, pressure washers (including power washers) can use up to 4,000 PSI. 

Serious Wounds

As you can imagine, 4,000 pounds of force in a narrow stream will cut through flesh like a bullet. That’s not just painful, it could be deadly. Even if the wound doesn’t seem serious, it is.

Water that comes out of a power washer may be fairly clean, but it isn’t perfect, and your skin’s surface has bacteria all over it too. If a jet stream of water cuts into your skin, it will shoot bacteria deep into the muscle and tissues, creating a pocket of infection far beneath the surface.

This type of injury requires surgery to fix and many months of rehabilitation. It also has the chance of permanently disabling you

If you’re lucky enough to avoid a flesh wound, you can still experience broken bones, a concussion, or even a heart attack.

Heart Attack & Fatalities

There have been numerous accounts of people losing their lives to pressure washers. When individuals use gas-powered pressure wash equipment inside large buildings who have suffered from chest pains, heart attack, and even death. 

These incidents resulted from carbon monoxide the machine lets off. The poisonous fumes that gasoline-fueled pressure washers emit are odorless and ultimately undetectable until it’s too late. 

Property Damage from Power Washers

Even if you’re careful, with such powerful equipment, there are many potential mistakes that can hurt your house and cost you money. When you hire an insured contractor like Premier Pro Wash & Seal, you can feel secure knowing that any accidental damage or the injury of a technician will be completely covered by the company’s insurance. 

But when you power-wash your own property, you don’t have that luxury. Any damage you cause to yourself or your house will be your responsibility.

So what type of damage can a power washer do anyway? Let’s review.

Electrical Safety

Water and electricity are a dangerous mix. When you’re handling anything with water, you need to stay ahead of the risks. 

When Premier Pro Wash & Seal arrives at your home, we inspect your property for any potential dangers. Looking for electrical and fire hazards to avoid, we protect your:

  • Doorbells
  • Light fixtures
  • Outlets
  • Air conditioning units

We recommend that you do the same if you attempt to DIY your cleaning project. Always apply tape and plastic to these areas. Failure to do so can result in electric shock, damage to your electronics, and even fire inside the home.

High-Pressure Harm

A pressure washer on full power causes more water erosion than years of Florida’s stormy weather. That high force of water poses a risk to you and any surface it touches. 

Simply put, power washing is overpowered and can severely damage your:

  • Lanai
  • Pool screens
  • Fences
  • House exterior
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Painted surfaces

This is why Premier Pro Wash & Seal never uses high pressure to wash these areas of your home or business. We respect your things and want them to last as long as they can. By using high pressure, you risk ripping off paint and injuring sensitive materials.

Soft-Wash Services in the Tampa Bay Area

If your home’s exterior needs cleaning and you’re contemplating a DIY power washer, rethink that idea. It’s not only dangerous to you, but it’s also harmful to most of your property.

Instead, hire Premier Pro Wash & Seal to perform a soft wash.

A soft-wash method is safe and effective at cleaning your home with a special cleaning solution and it uses just as much pressure as a garden hose! Your property won’t be harmed in the process, and it will look spectacular afterward. 

Get in touch with us for a free quote!

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