How much does it cost to have pavers sealed? What do you charge per square foot?

Hey guys, Jeremy here with the Premier Pro Wash and Seal. In this video I want to go over the pricing structure when it comes to the question “what do you charge per square foot to seal my pavers”? It’s a question we get quite often. It’s a fair question but unfortunately, it’s just not a question that I can answer over the phone and it’s not a question that I can answer without actually seeing the pavers themselves. It’s one of the main reasons that we ask that we do in-person quotes.

When we get asked for a paver sealing estimate we want to be there with you, the homeowner, and answer any questions along the way because there’s so many factors when it comes to sealing pavers.

Without listing every single thing, I thought I would at least share a video on some of the main things that we’re looking for starting off with what we call efflorescence. Efflorescence is just this white powdery issue that might be on top of the pavers. There’s a couple of things it might be.  But, if it’s efflorescence, it’s going to take an extra couple of steps to get that cleaned up and one of those steps includes acid washing. Well, after we acid wash, now we’ve got to neutralize that acid. Something that we would have never known without seeing the pavers.

Some of the other things that we’re looking for are things such as draining issues. There are a lot of low-lying areas. Is there only one door versus two? Because if there’s one door, as you can imagine, it’s going to take twice as long to clean, rinse, and get all the debris out of one door versus two.

If it’s an enclosed area, it’s naturally going to take longer versus an open area because there’s going to be sand that gets all over the screens and the frames and just cleaning it in general, going around the frames takes longer.

Does it have a lot of oil or grease or rust stains? How are the condition of the pavers themselves? Is there a lot of color left? Is there a lot of aggregates showing? How wide are the joints? Wide joints are going take a lot longer to clean rinse and sand versus thin joints.

These are just a few of the things that we’re looking at and it’s why again I can’t give you that answer right over the phone without actually seeing the pavers themselves.

So, I hope this helps. If you have any questions or concerns or if you’d like to have a free quote done at your property, feel free to check out our website and contact us that way at or call or text our business line at 813-335-3869. We have a lot of our work on our Facebook page at

Thank you

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