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How to Restore Pavers

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How to Restore Pavers

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Over 30 years ago, to restore pavers in a driveway, lanai, or patio, you had to remove every individual paver, clean the weeds and dirt by hand, reinstall every paver, sand in between the joints, and then seal the surface. 

The amount of time and money a project of this kind took back then was immense. But today the process is much faster with the help of technological advancement and industrial machinery. As professional paver wash and seal experts, we will walk you through the modern process of how to restore pavers.

Step 1: Clean Pavers

The first stage of the process is always washing your pavers. You want to check for efflorescence and any stains from car fluids, oil, or wine. Each one of those stains will need to be pre-treated with the right solution. 

Next is deep cleaning time. 

Put down the pressure washer wand! They can leave zebra stripes. Unless your property belongs in the Savanna, you probably don’t want that look.

Instead, the licensed technicians at Premier Pro Wash & Seal will use an industrial rotary surface cleaner, a special pressure washer that uses hot water and a spinning wand that prevents unsightly lines and an even clean. This professional tool provides an exceptional dirt-free result that reaches deep into the pores and joints quickly and effectively.

Re-Sanding the Joints

Sand is a crucial component of paver installation and paver restoration. Every time you clean your pavers, you need to re-sand the joints (spaces). 

Sand cushions the pavers to protect them from rubbing together, chipping, or wearing down. It also makes an unwelcoming home for weeds and blocks water from getting in the crevices. 

After you eat an enormous meal, do you ever unbutton your pants? Or do you come prepared with an elastic band waist or drawstrings instead? 

What does this have to do with pavers? Well, temperature changes cause the pavers to expand and contract, which makes the joints open and close. Keeping the spaces even and cushioned with sand gives the pavers room to grow when they need it, just like your favorite joggers.

Pavers can last for a hundred years or more if kept in good condition. Keeping the right level of sand in the joints plays an important role in preventing unnecessary damage and deterioration from the elements.

The sand you need between every paver isn’t your average sandbox or beach sand, it’s sterile coarse silica sand made to be extremely clean and stay put. The last thing you want to do is reintroduce microorganisms to grow. And with the amount of rain and humidity in the Greater Tampa Bay area of Florida, mold, lichens, algae, and bacteria will thrive if given the chance. 

Sealing Pavers

If you use a solvent-based sealer, it’s absolutely imperative that you wait until the pavers have completely dried and the weather is fair. That could take days or even weeks depending on the time of year you choose to start this project.

Slapping a solvent-based sealer over wet pavers will seal in the moisture and cause an ugly cloudy appearance. Once this happens, the only way to fix it is to start over again from step one and strip off the sealer.  

Instead of dealing with that hassle, Premier Pro Wash & Seal uses a much safer and environmentally friendly water-based paver sealer. These do not seal in moisture and can be applied over pavers within the same day that they were cleaned.

Once you have chosen your sealer, apply it with a spray, not rollers. Spraying on the sealer will offer the most consistent finish and give you more control over how much of a coating you apply.

Spray the paver sealer evenly and thoroughly over the entire surface of the area, taking your time not to miss any spots. Our team at Premier Pro Wash and Seal uses our standard 2 or 3 coat option for an even and thorough application.

After 24 to 48 hours the sealer should be dry and ready for anything.

The Result: Restored Pavers

Now, your pavers should look like new. Their colors will be restored and have luster. 

Your curb appeal will also substantially increase. In fact, many homeowners choose to restore their pavers before they put their home up for sale because it raises the perceived home value! 

So whether you need to clean your pavers to evade an HOA violation, want to rejuvenate the exterior of your home or business, or plan to sell and hope to get a boost in your ROI, contact Premier Pro Wash and Seal for the best paver restoration service near you!