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Mold Cleaning Services: Professional Washing to Keep Mold and Algae Away

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Mold Cleaning Services: Professional Washing to Keep Mold and Algae Away

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Mold and algae are two of the most common living organisms that plague outdoor surfaces, making them unsightly. It’s on the exterior of your house, the fence, lanai, on your pavers, cement, travertines, and even in the pool!

Although algae and fungi (mold) are different biologically, they both love moisture. The high humidity of Florida makes it the perfect breeding ground for them. They find a food source, reproduce asexually through spores, and spread.

There are plenty of tips and tricks about removing them yourself, but they can keep coming back if they aren’t removed completely. Since they are microscopic, it’s impossible for you to know if you killed them all. And to make matters worse, even if you kill them all, more will come. That’s why today, you’ll learn why algae and mold keep coming back, and why you need professional mold cleaning services to get it done right on a regular basis.


Removing Mold and Algae with our Mold Cleaning Services


Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between mold and black algae, but that’s okay because we get rid of them the same way.

Between the two, mold is the most difficult enemy because it is in the air at all times. This means that they land everywhere, but they don’t grow everywhere. They only multiply when they land on a food source such as dust, pollen, or organic material that provides them with nutrition. The surface they land on isn’t important to them, it’s what food has collected on that surface. That’s why they settle down on just about anything.

When we at Premier Pro Wash & Seal clean mold and algae from your outdoor surfaces, we not only remove the mold and algae but also the food sources they will be attracted to.

Mold 101

Mold is a fungus that feeds through little hair-like filaments called hyphae, releasing digestive enzymes to break down what they want to eat. Once their food source is prepared, they dig in and absorb it into their body. Mold is not too picky about what it will eat. It loves food.

The reason why mold is so difficult to control is its ability to spore. One mold organism can send out hundreds of millions of microscopic spores into the air. If they are near water, you likely have zoospores swimming through the water too, looking for the perfect place to feed.

Algae 101

Algae can come in many forms. The most common are green, black, and yellow. The one you have come into contact most is called “the green monster” that lurks in your pool. These algae are super small and travel by wind and rain. Basically, it is a very tiny plant. They like water, sunshine, and carbon dioxide just like any fauna.

As soon as the optimal environment is accessible, they will multiply. This is why regular cleaning is absolutely important — to keep their numbers down and in control. When you slip up, they will take advantage of the situation. Leaving cracks and crevices uncleaned in your pool will give them a free breeding ground.

Mold and Algae Cleaning Gone Wrong

If the surfaces are not treated properly, mold will find its way right back in the same places over and over again. The top of the mold may have been removed, but if the roots were never treated properly, they remain there. Given a little time, they return like new!

Some homeowners notice dark black streaks on their house or a green film in their pool and panic. They call in someone to clean it and that company uses high water pressure everywhere. Some surfaces are weathered, and pressure washing damages them further. Paint is now chipped, the roof needs to be repaired, and there are cracks in the siting!

Mold and Algae Cleaning Done Right

At Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we care about your property and make sure that nothing is in danger of being harmed by our work. Cleaning should make your property look incredible, not weathered by water erosion! That’s why we use a soft-wash technique on houses, lanai, screens, and fences. By gently rinsing away dirt along with the algae, mold, moss, and lichens that have grown on your property, we only strip away what should be removed.

Washing your house is a worthy investment! According to the National Association of Realtors, washing a house increases its value by up to $15,000.

By scheduling regular house washes, you maintain a healthy home and prevent your property from being a tasty meal for mold spores. Keep your property looking beautiful year after year. Contact us today for a quote!