Prevent an HOA Violation – Keep Your Property Clean

If you want to buy a property with an HOA (Home Owner Association) in Florida or you already did, you will have to abide by their rules and avoid an HOA violation. The reason these planned communities have such a tough standard is fantastic — they work hard to maintain a high property value for the entire community. 

But there are some parts of your contractual agreement that might be difficult to adhere to.  Many rules seem excessive, and it may be hard to keep up with every detail when you have a busy life.

Achieve a superior clean with soft wash and pressure wash treatments. Instead of waiting for a warning, keep your property in pristine condition and hire professionals to help you dodge HOA fines for: 

Exterior House Cleaning

Deterioration happens so gradually that we miss it. Where did that mildew on your roof come from, and when did the mold sneak up on your siding? These are the mysteries of life that only a regularly scheduled exterior house cleaning can solve. 

Every home in Florida will experience the growth of mold, mildew, lichens, and algae, and those green and black spots won’t go away on their own. 

Trying to take care of this problem yourself can cause more harm than good. With the wrong chemicals or equipment, you could cause permanent damage to your home. 

It’s best to let the experts handle this one. When you call Pro Premier Wash & Seal to soft-wash siding and the roof, we remove the micro-organisms from sight and then apply a professional grade fungicide to keep them away. The protection lasts for much longer than anything you can find at your local home improvement store. 

Vinyl Fence Cleaning

When the exterior of your home is grimy, check over your vinyl fences too. They get dirty just as easily as your house siding. 

Even though vinyl fences are much easier to clean than wood fences, you still need to be careful when choosing how you wash them. You can try to DIY this project yourself, but if you mess up, a new fence could be in your future, especially with the HOA biting at your heels. Do you want to take that chance? 

Driveway Cleaning

When you are commuting to work or school, you are constantly using your driveway. If you aren’t parking on it, your visitors are. The only time you are thinking about your driveway is when you’re coming or going. Who has time to inspect it for stains? If you said, “My HOA.” You would be correct!

If there are tire marks, dirt, or oil stains on those brick pavers, you’ll get a warning letter from your homeowners’ association telling you to clean them. But you’re in luck because the experts at Premier Pro Wash and Seal specialize in stain removal. 

After the spots have been pretreated with the appropriate chemicals, we use an industrial-strength rotating surface cleaner that uses a combination of heat and water pressure to deep clean. Having your driveway wash and sealed will make it look like new and extend its life. 

Sidewalk Cleaning

A major issue for sidewalks in Florida is algae. Not only can it color your cement green, but it can also make the surface slick, creating a dangerous hazard! 

The first impression someone has of your home is the sidewalk they walk upon and this will definitely be the first thing your HOA notices. Once the homeowner’s association realizes this part of your home has been neglected, they will scrutinize the rest.

Due to the flora and fauna around your property, keeping your sidewalk clean can be a challenge. You may feel as though you are constantly fighting it, but there is a better solution. 

When quality products are applied with knowledge and experience, your sidewalks will look incredibly clean for an extended period. When it’s cleaned right the first time, it will save you money in the long run. 


Avoid an HOA violation and schedule soft-wash and pressure-wash cleaning in Florida

Schedule Premier Pro Wash and Seal for regular soft wash and pressure wash treatments to keep your home clean. You’re not just keeping away a potential HOA violation, you’re making your home beautiful and healthy. 

We are fully trained experts ready to take care of you and your home’s needs. If you are looking for an experienced local wash and seal provider for your property in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, including Sun City, Brandon, Riverview, and Lithia, request a free quote today. 

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