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Why Should You Hire a Professional Rust Stain Remover?

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Rust Stain Remover?

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Rust — It deteriorates metal and plagues human existence. Yellow, orange, and reddish-brown hues stain anything in its path. If you see it on the exterior of your commercial or residential property, take notice; It’s not just ugly, it’s destructive! But why hire a professional rust stain remover? To answer that, we need to investigate what rust is and how it can devastate your property.

What is Rust?

When iron is present in metal and it comes in contact with oxygen and water, it corrodes and iron oxide forms — This is also known as rust. 

Rusted iron becomes brittle and can literally turn into dust. When water washes over the surface of the sentiment, tiny particles of iron mix in and travel along with the flow. 

Those who use well water or reclaimed water notice that it has turned orange from high levels of iron exposure. When it’s used to water the garden, stains appear wherever it touches. Fertilizers can produce similar effects.

Nothing is safe from rust. You will find it on stone, pavers, concrete, vinyl, stucco, brick, travertines, and even rubber. Once water runs over a surface with corroded iron, the particles spread. It goes without saying that we get a lot of rain in Florida, and our rust has a lot of opportunity to move around!

When a material becomes affected, it will deteriorate rapidly. At first, you may barely notice the slight yellowing, but as time goes on and more rainfall occurs, the rust stains will darken. Then the added moisture and decay breeds algae, mold, and mildew. 

Don’t Remove Rust Yourself

Rust is difficult to clean. In fact, if it gets too bad, it can seem nearly impossible to remove. If you take a trip to the home improvement store to buy a commercial rust removal product and try to scrub at it yourself, you could damage your property and your body.

If you hurt your property, you have to eat the cost. However, if you hire professionals and they hurt your property, they have liability insurance that will cover those costs. 

If you hurt your body, you have to pay medical bills. Rust removal products are caustic and hazardous to your health! The labels are scary, warning of lung damage, blindness, and horrible burns. 

If you attempt this project on your own, please be extremely careful and wear goggles, thick gloves, a mask, closed-toe shoes, and protective clothing. If you are injured or feel ill after handling a rust stain removal product, seek medical attention immediately. Our recommendation: Rather hire a rust stain remover expert.

Don’t Leave Rust Alone

Letting rust sit there can destroy even the toughest materials. It weakens the structure of anything it exists on. 

Old or cheap metal objects like steel poles, vehicles, bicycles, and barbecue grills can oxidize and stain your concrete, travertines, and pavers and slowly break down the material. A rusty steel pole can actually crack the surrounding concrete! A rusty metal roof or fittings on a gutter will deteriorate the side of your home costing you thousands of dollars in repairs! 

Your rust issue might not seem bad right now, but it will only become progressively worse. And if left untreated, it will cause damage that can’t be washed away. When a home or commercial property has embarrassing discoloration on the sidewalks, driveway, patio, lanai, siding, or vinyl fencing, the curb appeal is gone and the perceived property value has plummeted. 

Hire a Professional Rust Stain Remover

Your property is a valuable investment that should be handled with proper care, and who better to give it that care than professionals? You need an expert to remove the rust from the outside of your home or business, one that can do so with years of experience under their belt.

Never let anyone pressure-wash or power-wash your house, vinyl fence, pool enclosure, or garage to remove rust! Although many websites falsely claim that high pressure and high heat is the best method, that’s far from the truth. Pressure washing these surfaces exposes them to unnecessary wear and tear, causing them to prematurely age or simply become damaged.

Professional rust removal services offer successful stain removal you can trust. The experts at Premier Pro Wash and Seal remove rust all the time and have proven methods that are tried and true. 

We use specialized solutions by identifying the rust source and stained material. By selecting the right rust removal application for every situation, we keep your property safe from harm and absolutely clean.

If you want to learn more about Premier Pro Wash and Seal rust removal services or would like a free quote, call us at (813) 335-2869 or fill out our form.