Disaster DIY Projects: Pressure Wash and Sealing

Pressure washers are purchased and rented by Florida residents by the thousands! Homeowners want to save money on their home maintenance projects, and it’s understandable. Owning a home is a huge investment and taking care of it can be expensive.

Especially when you live on the Florida coast, storms blow in all kinds of trouble. And no matter what you do, the algae and mold continue to creep back onto concrete, pavers, siding, pool cages, and fences.

Although there are many DIY home improvement plans you can tackle on your own to save money, we don’t recommend that you try to clean your property using pressure washing equipment. Even sealing your pavers, travertine, and concrete can be disaster DIY projects.

Property Damage

A pressure washing wand packs a punch and that intense stream of water can break windows, crack siding, or tear into vinyl fences. That’s why Premier Pro Wash and Seal pretreats tough stains and then uses a soft wash technique with a special formula detergent that gently but effectively removes dirt, grime, pollen, and microorganisms.

Unlike plain hot water, soft washing with a mild cleanser disinfects your property, leaving it free from bacteria and viruses. We also apply an anti-fungal treatment after the wash that keeps your property looking clean for a longer time.

Landscaping Damage

Your precious plants, flowers, trees, and grass need extra TLC around pressure washing equipment. One example for disaster dyi: The scorching hot water jetting out of a pressure washer can kill plants on contact. One wrong move a few inches over, and your wife’s favorite flowers are toast.

If you decide to add soap to the mix, you make matters worse. The concoction can chemically burn leaves and grass and fry blooms, costing you hundreds if not thousands to restore your curb appeal.

When Premier Pro Wash and Seal wash your home and property, we take care to saturate your plants with water first. This prevents them from soaking up too much of the soft wash water.

Then we cover them with a lightweight blue tarp to protect them from being splashed while also deflecting heat from the sun. Our professionals expertly navigate the spray away from foliage and fauna and keep the water where it belongs. 

Health and Safety

Besides the risk of property damage, pressure washing and sealing has hazards you should be aware of. A pressure washer wand forces out a narrow stream of high-powered water that can slice through a boot and into your foot. If it comes in contact with someone’s head, the results can be fatal. 

Thousands of people visit the emergency room for pressure washer-related injuries every year. Many of them require CT scans or X-rays to determine if there is soft tissue damage. You see, being struck by a pressure washer stream is similar to being shot by a bullet. The difference is, the bullet was water and disappears, leaving behind the (sometimes life-altering) injury.

Certified and insured companies like Premier Pro Wash and Seal are trained to handle this dangerous equipment. We take many precautions to protect ourselves and the people around us. We mitigate electrical dangers by covering outlets and fixtures with plastic.

Our immense experience in the field gives us an advantage. Working with pressure washing equipment every day hones our skills and helps us to identify risks and react quickly.

Sealing Your Pavers or Concrete

Even if you successfully clean your property without incident, sealer will not apply in your favor. What sealer you choose to use will determine how your pavers or concrete will react. 

If you buy your sealer from a home improvement store or Walmart, you won’t have good results. Certified experts like the ones from Premier Pro Wash & Seal only use professional-grade sealers with superior quality. That means instead of your sealer breaking down in a few months, it will last years. Inferior quality sealers are also less UV resistant, which causes them to oxidize and turn yellow.

What type of sealer you choose also matters. Most people don’t realize that the best sealer to use in Florida is a two-part water-based sealer. That’s because it breathes and allows water to evaporate.

When homeowners DIY their sealing projects, they often choose a solvent-based sealer. These sealers will trap moisture under the surface, causing it to peel.

Once any sealer fails on your driveway, patio, or sidewalk, it will need to be stripped off before starting over.

Premier Pro Wash and Seal take sealing to the next level by offering a 2 part water-based sealer that is guaranteed not to flake, peel, or turn yellow. Choosing us to do it for you takes the guesswork out of sealing and secures your investment.

Wash and Seal Services the Tampa Bay Area: Let’s avoid Disaster DIY

Are you trying to avoid an HOA infraction? Do you want to keep up with home maintenance without breaking your back and risking your life? 

It’s not a secret, washing and sealing your property can result in a Disaster DIY Project. Avoid accidents and pay professionals to do the job right.

The exceptional customer service provided by our company is unmatched in the Tampa Bay Area. You can rely on our qualified and insured crew to provide you with amazing results and peace of mind. 

The quality you deserve can only be achieved by the most experienced professionals. So why settle for less?

Contact Premier Pro Wash and Seal now!

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