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How do You Keep Weeds and Grass from Growing Between the Pavers?

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How do You Keep Weeds and Grass from Growing Between the Pavers?

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

How do we control the weeds from growing in between the pavers? The short answer to that: If you have them sealed, we can create a barrier using our sand and sealing process to really control the weeds from being able to come up!

Locking the sealer and sand is key!

When we come out to seal your pavers we’re going to first obviously clean them and then we’re going to re-sand all the joints. After we re-sand all the joints and we start spraying our sealer, that sealer is going to lock that sand into place and harden it almost like concrete.

In the long term, this keeps your sand from washing out every time it rains (or any other conditions) and it keeps it in place to create that barrier so that weeds don’t have an avenue to poke right up through.

Showing you an example on our own pavers

These are our own pavers. We sealed these personally, a little over three years ago. This means it’s about time that they get sealed again. I  wanted to use this example to show you how, even three years later, our weeds are really down to a minimum. We really don’t even have a weed at all, except for around the opening here.

The reason we have an issue right in this area is that we have dogs, and when our dogs run in, of course, they’re carrying grass clippings and dirt. Then, when we mow, the mower is blowing grass clippings and dirt. So this area is really the only area that we’ll have to pick a weed or two from time to time. But this area used to be really bad about weeds. Now you can see that’s not an issue at all!

These sand levels are a good example. If you look over here, our sand levels are still in place three years later. Really hard as a rock, with very minimal sand washout. It’s really, really hard, and the sand levels are pretty much intact, still years down the road. With it being hard as a rock, those weeds can’t just poke through like they could if we had a lot of sand washed out. On top of that, it keeps our pavers from shifting and collapsing with the right sand levels and that sand in place.

So I just wanted to show you guys this. This area was our worst area by far with the weeds and you can see: not an issue at all right now!

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