Paver Sealer Problems: Why is my Sealer Peeling?

Have you recently sealed your paver driveway, lanai, or patio and noticed flaking and peeling? You’re not alone! This is one of the most common paver sealer problems we come across when new customers contact us.

Some people try to DIY their own paver sealing project, while others believe they hire competent contractors to do the work for them. Instead, the company they hired was a newbie who didn’t know what they were doing. With a severe lack of laws in Florida regulating wash and seal businesses, anyone can create a company

Few are trained to do the job right.

The homeowner wants to know why this happened. They ask us, “Why is my sealer peeling?” 

At Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we always take the time to communicate with you and answer your questions. We remain transparent with our customers because your trust is important to us. 

The truth is, there are many reasons your sealer may peel, but it all comes down to one word: Inexperience.

Paver sealing is a science. When people do not comprehend the complexity of its process, the results are less than desirable. Today, we will review two of the most prevalent factors that lead to paver sealer problems, specifically sealer peeling.

Dirt and Debris Left Behind

It may be hard to see, but your pavers are filthy! They have millions of tiny holes (or pores) that harbor soil, pollen, mold, algae, and other foreign matter, dirt, and debris. No amount of scrubbing can get deep within those pores.

When sealer is applied, it doesn’t just coat the surface but fills those pores too. This is how it prevents moisture absorption and staining. Every subsequent sealer layer fills these holes, strengthening the protection even more.

But when pavers are dirty, the sealer can’t adhere to the substrate. It has nothing to bond with. Instead of contacting the substrate, the product sticks to the grime instead. As it dries, the sealer pulls away from the building material and falls off.

To prevent a sealer from peeling, it’s crucial to have a completely clean work surface.

In order to achieve this, the technicians at Premier Pro Wash & Seal pre-treat stains, especially oil stains. Then, they follow up with a rotating surface cleaner that uses a combination of heat and 8 gallons of water a minute to reach deep into pores and thoroughly wash the pavers.

The next day, or in many cases the same day, we seal your pavers with our two-part water-based sealer

But what happens when you don’t use this type of sealer? 


The Wrong Sealer

The sealer market may feel overwhelming. Between types of sealers and brands, you may not know which one is best for you and your needs. 

But we are here to tell you it’s not a complicated decision.

If you live in Florida, you only have one solid choice, and that’s a two-part water-based sealer. All other sealers are inferior and will cause you pavers problems down the road!

That’s because other sealing products trap moisture underneath, which causes peeling and flaking. As trapped moisture inside a paver tries to evaporate, it fights the surface of the sealer, breaking it down from the inside out. 

In Florida, we have a subtropical climate with tremendous amounts of wet weather, rain, and humidity. And if that weren’t enough, we have hurricane winds blow seawater at us! 

We cannot escape the surrounding moisture; and therefore, cannot use a sealer that traps moisture! The good news is water-based sealers “breathe”, allowing water to leave the pavers. Since these sealers have water as their base, they’re designed to release moisture and leave nothing behind but a protective layer of polymer.

Do You Need Your Pavers Wash and Sealed?

When your pavers are in trouble, you need people you can count on to correct the mistake and make your home beautiful again. 

The compassionate people at Premier Pro Wash & Seal want to help you restore your property’s integrity and your pride. Our friendly representatives are standing by to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

If your pavers are peeling or flaking and you need experts to fix your paver problem fast, contact us for a free quote! 


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