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Contractor Nightmares: When Bad Contractors Wash and Seal Your Driveway in Florida

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Contractor Nightmares: When Bad Contractors Wash and Seal Your Driveway in Florida

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Everyone thinks that washing and sealing a driveway is simple, but there is a right way and a wrong way. When a driveway is handled poorly, the results can cost you thousands of dollars in damages!

Have you or someone you know hired a contractor to wash and seal your driveway? 

Did the experience scare you away from companies with these types of services?

You’re not alone. 

Florida has one of the most saturated markets for exterior property wash and clean services. It’s so easy to start up a pressure washing business that convicts will rent or buy the equipment and jump right in without any certifications, training, or insurance. 

Without insurance, you are legally vulnerable if they get hurt on the job! 

With self-professed experts asking for your money, it’s no wonder that contractor nightmares occur when bad contractors wash and seal your driveway in Florida.

Pressure Wash Cleaning

A pressure washer has the power of up to 3,000 lbs of pressure per inch. And it’s concentrated into a stream of water. That’s a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

As professional contractors, Premier Pro Wash & Seal employs a long list of safety precautions to ensure the security of you, your family, and your property when we use a pressure washer. But most inexperienced companies don’t.

An improperly handled machine can cause a fatal accident. Even if you get away with your life, the risks are tremendous:

  • Electrocution
  • Bodily injury
  • Broken windows
  • Cracked siding 
  • Accelerated water erosion
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Since your property is being hit by multiple gallons of water per minute at a tremendous force, it has the potential to permanently erode, chip, and marr the surface of your concrete, pavers, or travertine.  That’s just one of various potential contractor nightmares!

That’s why Premier Pro Wash & Seal is certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. We train our team to go above and beyond to offer you a safe and effective cleaning service that will make you smile (not cry). 

We use a rotary surface cleaner to deep clean your driveway (not a wand). This method is fast and more efficient. Unlike wands that need to be waved around for what seems like forever, a rotary surface cleaner works quickly to evenly distribute the water, so it never leaves ugly zebra stripes!

The Importance of a Clean Driveway Before You Seal

When bad contractors wash and seal your driveway in Florida, they aren’t just destructive with the pressure wash machine. If your driveway is considered “clean” with an assortment of dirty streaks that resemble abstract art, the contractor nightmare has only begun.

Sealer will not bind to the surface of a dirty driveway. Instead, it adheres to the filth. As it dries, the sealer will begin to break away and eventually fall off completely.

Pre-treatment of stains, particularly oil stains, is performed by the professionals at Premier Pro Wash & Seal. Then we utilize a rotating surface cleaner, which employs a combination of heat and 8 gallons of water per minute to penetrate deep into pores.

Driveways need to be completely clean before the sealer is applied or else the sealer will be rendered useless. We know that, and now you do too! Protect your driveway from novice contractors and don’t let them seal if you still see dirt! 

Sealer Quality

But cleanliness alone will not save your driveway. If they use the wrong sealer or it’s cheap, it will not last. The best driveway sealer to use in Florida is a professional quality two-part water-based sealer. 

When an inferior sealer is applied to your driveway, it lacks the UV protection that protects it against yellowing. These cheap sealers also trap moisture, causing cloudy stains and poor adhesion. 

The sealant breaks down from the inside out. As trapped moisture tries to evaporate from the substrate, the result is a peeling, flaking mess.

This not only wastes the contractor’s time, it also wastes your money.

Our Guarantee

Avoid contractor nightmares by hiring the pros! We promise that our sealant will protect your pavers, travertine, and concrete for a full three years. It will never delaminate, flake, yellow, or peel!

Is There an Expert Wash and Seal Service Near Me?

Yes! Premier Pro Wash & Seal is making the Tampa Bay area cleaner, one address at a time. Check out our Service Area Page to see if we can take care of your property.

When you choose Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we help you maintain a beautiful outdoor area by using the safest and most effective methods with superior quality products and professional-grade equipment. Contact us today to receive your free quote and make your first appointment.