Pressure Washer Damage: How Pressure Washing Can Ruin Your Property

The dog days of summer are coming to Florida, and so is hurricane season. We might not be looking forward to it, but guess who is? The algae and weeds! 

Ah, yes. Those unwelcome guests will flaunt their green stuff on our patio and around the pool with no shame. And just when we think they’re gone, they’ll come back to taunt us some more.

It’s easy to lose our cool and whip out the power washer like it’s a machine gun, but this is not the time to embrace your inner Rambo. A pressure washer is a dangerous piece of equipment that can fire water at an alarming force. It can cause fatal injuries to yourself and others, and cost you big bucks in property damage.

It’s best to let the professionals handle this one and dodge pressure washer damage. 

You might think washing your driveway is child’s play, but there are scary risks that you don’t want to deal with. Trust us, we have seen it all! As experienced wash & seal contractors, it’s common for us to be called in to clean up after a disaster.

Can a Pressure Washer Damage My Home?

Yes! Whenever you are creating high pressurized force, there is reason to be cautious. To put it in perspective, the PSI of an air rifle is around 3,000. So is your standard pressure washer.

So if you’re pulling out the pressure washer to clean pavers or sidewalks, the water is shooting out of the nozzle at the same force as an air-powered pellet gun. If you think that may be dangerous, you would be right!

Not only can a pressure washer break a window, it can cause damage such as

  • Water damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Injury to plants
  • Shattered siding
  • Cracked vinyl fencing
  • Striped paint
  • Water erosion

Pressurized Water: The Stealthy Intruder

When you DIY or hire amateurs to do the dirty work of washing your house, it may seem like everything is fine. It looks clean, and you’re happy.

But you may be surprised by damage later on (and you’ll never connect it to the pressure washer). Every time your house is improperly washed, the problem worsens.

Remember, we aren’t shooting an object, but a liquid at high speeds. If the jet stream hits those gaps around your windows, door frames, and foundation, water will be forced into tiny spaces. 

When moisture intrusion occurs in any home, it can lead to wood rot, termite infestations, and mold growth. Every time you clean that area, you’re adding to the issue. These are small damages that go undetected for years until they become major repair projects.

Pressure Washer Damage: Electrical Fire

There are a number of risks involved when handling a pressure washer. One of the most common is electrocution and electrical fires.

A professional wash & seal team will make sure that their pressure washer is plugged into a grounded outlet, and will cover all fixtures, electrical boxes, and outlets with plastic.

Premier Pro takes care to avoid all possible electrical dangers for the safety of our technicians, you and your home. When water is exposed to an ungrounded electrical wire, it can electrocute anyone standing in the water, cause sparks, and result in a house fire. 

This is why it’s crucial to hire an insured company with experts you can trust. If you do it yourself, ask your neighbor, or hire the cheapest contractor you can find, it could lead to serious financial suffering. 

Pressure Washing Services in Tampa

When safety is on the line, you are in good hands with Premier Pro Wash & Seal. You receive superb results without sacrificing your protection when you hire trained, certified, and insured professionals.

You want to take care of your home and your family. We understand that and want to help you.

Take the stress out of your exterior property cleaning maintenance. Call Premier Pro Wash & Seal, and get a free quote today.



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