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Why You Should Invest in a Professional Paver Sealer for Your Pavers

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Why You Should Invest in a Professional Paver Sealer for Your Pavers

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Maintaining your paver’s beauty and function requires care. And you have plenty of options, from DIY projects to professional services, and everything in between. There is also a wide range of stain removers, sealers, and tools. 

But not every choice is a good one. 

Professional paver sealer services simplify home and business upkeep and help you to maintain a stunning outdoor environment guaranteed. Premier Pro Wash & Seal completes your paver sealing projects like a boss by employing years of experience, superior products, carefully selected sealer, and professional equipment.

Superior Quality Products

We did our homework, so you don’t have to. And it’s a fact, spending hundreds of dollars on products to find out they don’t work isn’t fun. Some may even work too well, and burn into your pavers, discoloring them permanently!

When you invest in a professional paver sealer for your pavers, you’re hiring their experience and knowledge. Instead of sitting in a pile of products and weeping over wasted dollars, you can rely on their tried and true arsenal of cleaning supplies.

The experts at Premier Pro Wash & Seal identify every stain and use superior quality products that lift the spot without damaging your pavers. When you put your pavers in our hands, you can worry less about your pavers and more about the things that matter most.

Professional Grade Sealer

Have you ever walked past a driveway or stepped onto a patio with cloudy or flaking pavers? Hopefully, they weren’t your own! Not only does it look awful, it’s a clear sign of failed sealer.

When contractors or homeowners try to seal a patio, lanai, or driveway and use a solvent or oil-based sealer, it’s ineffective and counterproductive. These sealers create such a waterproof barrier that Florida’s high humidity and frequent rain become trapped underneath. 

If this happens, pavers appear murky and take on a white, milky look because they are holding water held like a sponge.

So what do professional paver sealers use in Florida? 

A professional-grade water-based sealer.

That’s because water-based sealers allow water evaporation. The results are a semi-permeable barrier that lets water leave, but not enter. 

When you choose Premier Pro Wash & Seal services, we guarantee that our sealer will never yellow, de-laminate, flake, trap moisture, or peel. Our water-based sealer is not something you will find in a home improvement store or online. It’s reserved for certified contractors like us who know how to precisely measure and mix the 2-part sealer before application. 

A professional paver sealer takes the guesswork out of sealers through their immense experience and special access to professional-grade products. 

The Best Tools for the Job

In order to get the job done right the first time, Premier Pro Wash & Seal’s licensed experts will use an industrial rotating surface cleaner, a hot water pressure washer with a spinning wand, to provide a uniform clean. One quick pass with this professional-grade instrument leaves pores and joints spotless.

How the sealer is applied to your pavers will make or break your results. The wrong tools can cause an unsightly finish.

Professional paver sealers spray sealer on instead of rolling or brushing. Using a sprayer will provide a more uniform finish because it offers more control and precision over the amount of coating you apply to the surface and where it goes.

Failure to apply two, thin and even coats can result in bubbling or white discolorations. 

Take a look at our video of the entire process.

Professional Paver Sealer Services in Florida

Maintained pavers are gorgeous! They raise a home’s perceived value and create an inviting outdoor environment for you and your family. So it’s no wonder that algae growth and stains can hold back property sales and earn you an HOA violation! 

When you need to renew the beauty of your outdoor surfaces, don’t play around with inexperience. Get in touch with Premier Pro Wash and Seal to receive professional paver sealer services that outshine the rest!

We serve properties in Bradenton, Valrico, Sun City, and more. See our Service Area Page to check if we are in your area! 

It’s essential that your pavers be well-maintained in order to ensure their resilience and longevity. Hire our experts to care for your property and receive superior results you can depend on!