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What Is A Wet-Look Concrete Sealer?

You have several choices when picking a paver sealant. We’re looking at one of the most popular, aesthetically pleasing sealant finishes today, the wet-look concrete sealer.


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wet-look concrete sealer

What Is A Wet-Look Concrete Sealer?

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Hardscaping is one of the most lasting trends in outdoor design. Incorporating concrete pavers into your backyard or patio significantly increases your property’s value. Newly installed pavers give your space a finished, intentional look.

After a few years, though, your pavers can start to look dull and washed out. Grasses and weeds start poking through the joints, and stains and cracks ruin the overall look. Run-down hardscaping looks messy and is costly to repair.

Keep your pavers looking fresh and clean by applying concrete sealer after installation. Sealants provide a barrier between the elements and your hardscape, protecting your investment.

You have some choices to make when picking a finish for your sealant. We offer enhanced (aka wet-look) and natural. The most common choice is enhanced. However, the natural look is a common choice for natural stones such as travertine and marble.

We’re looking at one of the most popular, aesthetically pleasing sealant finishes today, the wet look.

Why use a wet-look concrete sealer?

There are two types of paver sealers, film-forming and non-film-forming. Wet-look sealer is a film-forming product that creates a barrier between your pavers and the environment. The glossy finish makes the pavers glisten. Once cured, the film keeps foreign objects and moisture away. 

Avoid stains on your pavers with a film-forming concrete sealer

Wet-look concrete paver sealer protects against stains by creating a barrier on the surface. Rust, car fluids, food, and organic matter can all make stubborn stains on porous concrete. 

Cleaning your pavers becomes much easier

Unsealed pavers are a pain to clean because of the nooks and crannies caused by erosion. Sand between the joints of the pavers can be disturbed if you’re using a leaf blower or power washer. You could even make the problem worse!

The color of your pavers is enhanced with a sealer

One of the best features of concrete pavers is incorporating stained concrete into a design. Just like any natural element, colors look brighter when wet. Wet-look sealant produces vibrant, long-lasting colors throughout your pool deck, patio, or driveway.

Sealers have been proven to be protective against weather damage

Weather is unpredictable and extreme at times. Unsealed pavers are exposed to the elements, and moisture and freezing temperatures damage them. Using any sealer is better than nothing, but film-forming products protect the best.

Commonly asked questions about wet-look concrete sealers

Unfamiliar products prompt lots of questions in the industry. Educating yourself about products is always a good idea, especially before you apply them around your home. Here are some of the most asked questions about wet-look sealants from around the internet.

Does the brand of sealer matter?

As with any product, brand matters when it comes to the concrete sealant. Proprietary formulas comprise the bulk of the industry, and brands incorporate different amounts of active chemicals. As the ratio of actives to fillers decreases, the quality of the product goes down.

100% actives means you’re working with a highly concentrated product. Thicker sealants cover better and provide more lasting protection.

How much does it cost?

Price is tied to the quality of the product, and you’ll get what you pay for. Cost per gallon ranges from $20 on the low end up to $200. You’ll get a higher concentration of actives and a longer-lasting product at the high end of the spectrum.

If you include coloring or oil-repellent qualities in your sealant, expect to pay for it. The best concrete sealers cost you, but they’re worth the investment.

How long does a wet-look concrete sealer last?

Sealant doesn’t last forever, and you should expect to reapply every few years. High-end products in a low-traffic area might survive for two to four years, depending on the quality of the pavers and other factors. Pavers in high-traffic areas or near swimming pools may only last two years.

What kind of maintenance is required?

You’ll need to do regular upkeep for the best results from your sealant. Dirt, dust, grease, and oil break down the film protecting your pavers. Other than cleaning, reapplying the sealant as needed is the only maintenance you’ll need.

Should you even go for a wet-look for your pavers?

Protected from the elements, your hardscape will last longer and perform better over time. Paver treated with film-forming sealant always looks clean and brand new. And with proper cleaning and maintenance, they can add value to your home. 

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