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What Is A Hardscape?

Hardscaping is a diverse, exciting, and growing field. We’re exploring everything hardscaping today. Put away your lawn mower and join us!


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what is a hardscape

What Is A Hardscape?

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Anything in your landscaping that isn’t a natural element is considered hardscaping. Landscape materials, including anything manufactured or not living, are considered hardscape. Flagstones around a firepit with a water feature bubbling away in the background? This is a perfect example of hardscaping. 

For modern landscape designers, this approach minimizes the lawn and focuses on the living experience. And for homeowners, these low-maintenance features enhance the outdoor experience

Hardscaping is a diverse, exciting, and growing field. We’re exploring everything hardscaping today. Put away your lawn mower and join us!

What are some examples of a hardscape?

Backyard designers have fully embraced the hardscaping approach in recent years. More durable than soft scaping, it allows for completely reshaping the environment. The options are endless, especially when you consider adding in gazebos and pergolas. 

Anything manufactured counts as hardscape material. Brick, cement, gravel, and pavers are standard for ground surfaces. Designers can use metal and wood to create taller structures that provide shade in areas with lots of sun.

Gazebos are a popular piece of hardscape

One of the main reasons people love living in Florida is the outdoors. Adding a gazebo to your property makes living in your space more enjoyable. These freestanding structures made of wood or metal provide shade and a gathering space in your backyard. 

There are many different types and themes available in manufactured gazebos. Include seating and a fountain, or go big with an outside kitchen! Include a pergola, or covered walkway, for a complete backyard getaway.   

Outdoor fire pits are a great for your hardscape design

Fire pits are among the most popular elements to add to your backyard hardscape. Nothing is better on a chilly night than a crackling fire. You can customize this element to fit your design. Usually made from either metal or stone, your firepit can create a whole new experience.

Make sure when adding a fire pit that you do some research. Try to avoid the most windy part of your property and check local fire codes. Consider whether you’re creating a multi-use space or a stand-alone feature. You’ll want to ensure the flow of your space isn’t impeded and that you’ve got room for seating options as well.

Decks and patios helps your home look more appealing

Stepping out of your back door onto the perfect deck or patio is like stepping into a vacation. The right design can not only give you the perfect spot for grilling, but it also adds value to your home

A deck or patio extends your home’s footprint into the outdoors. You can build one out of almost any hardscape material depending on your budget. Wood might be the most common, but brick and concrete are other options. A brick patio might be more expensive than a concrete patio, but they add more value in the long run. 

Pair your hardscaped patio with a pergola, gazebo, or firepit for total comfort. 

Stone pathways benefit your home’s hardscape

Gardeners love stone pathways because they give them access to different parts of the yard. Usually made from natural stone or pavers, they make it easy to enjoy your whole yard. Flagstone is a beautiful natural element for pathways, but concrete pavers work just as well if that’s all your budget allows. 

Incorporate some outdoor lighting along your pathways to complete the look. They add an essential safety element and encourage you to explore!

what is a hardscape

There’s a variety of fountains to choose from for your hardscape

It might seem strange to classify water features as hardscaping. But, as artificial elements, they fit the bill. Fountains add a sense of serenity to any outdoor space unless you’re going for the “wow” factor. 

Whatever your design aesthetic, a fountain exists out there for you. Whimsical, high-tech, or natural fountains make your space feel calmer and more relaxing. 

Driveways are a simple but pleasant addition to your hardscape

How you treat your driveway makes a significant difference in your curb appeal. A simple concrete slab might get the job done, but adding in brick or stamped design elements are best. Driveways have a lot of use, so durable, load-bearing materials are a must. 

Most homes come with a poured concrete drive. If yours is damaged or showing its age, it might be time to upgrade to something better. Always seal your concrete or paver driveway to get the most out of your investment.

Why should you get a hardscape? 

More than just a cosmetic fix, hardscaping should function with your existing landscape. Hardscaping materials can reshape your space if you’re dealing with uneven grades and poor drainage. A retaining wall makes uneven yards more functional and creates more usable space. 

Once you’ve invested, it’s much easier to maintain than traditional outdoor living space. If you’re unsure, good designers will have plenty of hardscape examples to share. 

Hardscape compliments the landscape really well

Whatever living elements you have in your yard, hardscaping can serve as a compliment. Especially when working with a designer, you can tailor your additions to fit your property. Even if you’re working with a less-than-ideal yard, hardscaping makes it functional and enjoyable.

A good hardscape can add value to your home

Investing in your home always revolves around whether you’ll get a return on your investment. Most of the time, with hardscaping, the answer is a resounding yes. From pool decks to pergolas, expect 20% to 30% of the value for every dollar you put in. 

Enhancing your space is a good investment, especially in areas where outdoor living is part of the culture. When designing your space, think about durability and functionality. Most homebuyers don’t want repairs to deal with right away. 

Hardscapes are easy to maintain, especially when contacting a professional

If you’re considering a hardscape in your home, consider maintenance too. Use materials that will last and don’t require much effort to keep up. Once the work is done, look for a trusted professional to help you. With the right tools for the job, they’re most equipped for things like power washing concrete and pavers

Sometimes, you’ll need to move elements in your hardscape. Professionals have heavy equipment that makes the work much more manageable. They’ll do more than just cleaning too. Sealing and staining prolong the life of your investment.

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