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How to Assess the Cost to Seal Pavers

Investing in home improvement is never an inexpensive feat, and the cost to seal pavers is no exception. When it comes to sealing pavers, the average price varies on a number of factors that require an in-person consultation and quote.


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cost to seal pavers

How to Assess the Cost to Seal Pavers

by / Jeremy Forrest

Investing in home improvement is never an inexpensive feat, and the cost to seal pavers is no exception. When it comes to sealing pavers, the average price varies on a number of factors that require an in-person consultation and quote.

As licensed and certified experts, we’re happy to walk you through the process of sealing and what it may cost to take care of your home!

Factors that are important to the cost of sealing pavers

It’s not uncommon for us to be asked what the cost may be to seal pavers over the phone. While asking this question is understandable, the truth is that providing an estimate without being present to see the pavers is incredibly difficult. There are a few factors that go into how we price our services, so to give you a better understanding we’ve laid out some key factors that can affect an estimate.

All our estimates are free and done in-person to get an accurate assessment of your project.

Where are the pavers located?

Location will always be a good indication of what work will need to be done. For example, are these pavers near landscaping? Are they around a pool? Do they lead to a building entrance? Are they directly exposed to sunlight, or are they in a covered area? While these indicators seem insignificant, the truth is that each of these scenarios affect the time and process that’s needed to have pavers sealed properly.

What type of pavers do you have?

Brick pavers, travertine pavers, and concrete pavers all require their own special treatment. Additionally, professionals will look at whether your pavers are a wide joint or thin joint set. Both of these factors play a large role in contributing to the estimated cost for sealing services.

How much labor is required to seal the paver?

Sealing each paver consists of a little more than just using a pressure washer and applying a sealing agent. We observe the condition of the pavers which will include checking the condition of each paver, looking for signs of rust or uneven leveling. Additionally, if efflorescence is present in your pavers, a deep cleaning session and a few extra cleaning products will be needed before starting the sealing process.

How much surface area does your paver cover?

In addition to the location of your pavers, how many square feet they take up will also play a role in determining price. When sealing and cleaning pavers, the sealing can vary in cost per each square foot and will heavily depend on the overall size.

What type of sealer is being used?

We are proud to use a proprietary, professional grade brand sealer in all of our projects. With that being said, if you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, you know the outdoors are wet and humid very often – that’s why all of our paver sealers are water-based. While oil-based paver sealant can be wonderful solutions for other locations, we cannot stress enough the importance of water based sealants for properties located in Florida.

More information can be found on our paver sealing FAQ page.

What does the maintenance look like for your paver?

The amount of time between initially sealing and needing to reseal will be influenced by the location, material and use of your pavers. On average, you can expect between 2 to 2 ½  years out of your initial seal. Subsequent seals almost always last even longer. After each seal, the pores of the stone get more and more closed off. Here at Premier Pro Wash and Seal, we offer a maintenance program to help your seal last longer!

Why should you get a professional to seal your pavers?

We get it, feeling like you’re spending more than you need to can be a pain point, but allow us to explain the benefits of professionally sealing your pavers. 

The risk of damage is much higher when a professional is not around

When we think about it, you’re most likely sealing your pavers in order to protect your investment and increase the look and value of your home, right? Why jeopardize that success and risk permanent damage and costly repairs when you can invest in knowing it will be done right the first time?

If a seal job goes wrong, many homeowners are shocked to find the cost to restore the failed seal job is going to cost 3-5x the original cost to seal pavers. It’s much cheaper in the long run to seal with the right type of sealer and use a company that has a guarantee and warranty.

Hire a professional: short term cost for long term value

Putting money into your home is putting money into your pocket, long term. Your home or business is an investment through and through – so when you invest time, money, and effort into securing a professional to care for and protect various parts of your home or business, you’re actually managing to save money long term. 

Tampa homeowners should expect to pay from $1.40 to $2 per square foot, depending on all the factors previously mentioned.

Premier Pro Wash & Seal provides the best sealing service you can find!

The appearance and value of your building can be affected by the smallest things. Premier Pro Wash & Seal wants to bring your building to its best possible state by offering a range of pressure washing and paver sealing services. Don’t let mold and humidity ruin your home, driveway, or pavers! Give us a call and secure a quote for sealing costs today!