How to Clean a Lanai Floor

Your lanai is a tremendous investment that will last many years. In fact, with proper maintenance, it can last a lifetime! But it isn’t easy to clean. So, how to clean a lanai floor?

Either you have to scrub it by hand or use pressure washing techniques to power through the task.

Despite what online articles may tell you, pressure-washing a lanai floor yourself is dangerous! Even the experts at Premier Pro Wash & Seal would never handle a pressure washer without insurance.

But what if a DIY hero does it anyway and successfully evades serious injury? They still risk harming delicate surfaces and wracking up thousands of dollars worth of damages. 

It’s always best to hire professionals who have the knowledge and machinery to clean a lanai floor safely and effectively. And today, we want to take you through our entire process.

Step 1: Inspect the Lanai

Everyone should put health and safety first. That’s why it’s crucial to walk around the entire lanai and map out potential risks. 

As a professional contractor inspects the area, they should look for objects that could pose a threat. They also might look for items that could be injured during the cleaning process.

As the property owner, it is your responsibility to pinpoint and remove personal possessions, like electronic devices and jewelry, from the area before cleaning begins. As a courtesy to customers, we will notify you if we spot something you missed.

Step 2: Prepare the Lanai

Before we clean a lanai floor, the team at Premier Pro Wash & Seal takes simple precautions to protect our technicians against electrocution and safeguard your property from damage.

There are 6 easy ways to prepare the area:

  • Tape closed electrical outlets
  • Cover light fixtures
  • Seal off electrical boxes
  • Remove sensitive furniture and rugs
  • Remove potted plants 
  • Saturate landscaping

Once the area is secure and we have eliminated all potential risks, it’s time to pretreat the floor’s surface.

Step 3: Pre-treating the Lanai

A special solution is applied to your concrete, travertine, or pavers to achieve a deeper clean. This chemical is safe to use around pools and will not change the PH balance of your water.

The pre-treatment helps to lift stubborn grime and loosen dirt that is hiding in pores and crevices. It works gently on your sensitive substrate, unlike acidic cleaners. 

Never try to clean your enclosure with acidic products! Even natural stain fighters like vinegar can permanently damage your lanai floor. This is why it’s best to hire professionals who will protect your investment!

Step 4: Using a Surface Cleaner

Once the lanai floor is pre-treated, it’s time to pull out the heavy-duty equipment! For this project, we use an industrial-grade surface cleaner that pumps out 8 gallons of water per minute.

We prefer surface cleaners because they use a rush of heated water. Under the hood of this rotary pressure washer, a wand rotates at record speeds to prevent zebra stripes and flush out grime, leaving your lanai floor spotless!

What exactly does a surface cleaner remove?

  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mud
  • Algae
  • Lichens
  • Small weeds

At an additional charge, Premier Pro Wash & Seal offers a specialty stain removal service. With the right stain removers applied as a pre-treatment, the standard equipment we use will also remove:

  • Rust Stains
  • BBQ Grease
  • Drink or Food Spills

If there is a pool present within the enclosure, we work quickly and carefully around it in order to prevent as much debris from entering the pool water as possible.

Step 5: Hose Down the Lanai

The surface cleaner loosens and pushes up all foreign matter clinging to your lanai floor. But once it’s on top, it needs to be washed away. 

For that job, we use low pressure. A technician will meticulously walk through the entire area of your enclosure, hosing down the floor. The goal is to push the loose build-up off, away, and into drainage areas where it belongs. 

What’s left is a gorgeous floor that’s sparkling clean! If you plan to seal your pavers or travertine, this would be a perfect time. 

Step 6: Wrap It Up

We respect our customers and honor the trust they give us. So at Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we meticulously reverse our preparation setup.

We move furniture and plants are moved back to their original location. Any plastic and tape applied as safety protocol are removed and discarded.

Our team members at Premier Pro Wash & Seal always clean up after themselves. This ensures that your lanai will look amazing when we pack up and leave!

Premier Pro Offers Lanai Cleaning Services

If your lanai looks green and gross, and you want experts to wash the enclosure for you, call your local lanai cleaners to come to your aid. 

Premier Pro Wash & Seal will wash the: 

  • Deck of the lanai
  • Walls of the home within the lanai
  • Screens inside and out
  • Frames inside and out

But what if more than just your lanai needs cleaning? 

No problem! 

We wash houses, driveways, patios, vinyl fences, and more!

Contact us if your exterior surfaces need to be cleaned in Riverview, Lithia, Valrico, Parrish, or North Bradenton. See our Service Area Page to see if we offer our services in your location!


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