How to Clean a Sidewalk and Why You Should Keep it Clean

Your sidewalk creates a strong first impression. When it’s clean, people know you care about your property. But when your sidewalk looks dirty, your curb appeal diminishes. 

You may have tried to clean a sidewalk yourself, but the “dirt” just came back or it never went away in the first place. That “dirt” was probably mold and it could be making you sick! 

Concrete is a tricky material to clean and the process is labor-intensive without professional equipment. It has millions of pores and sometimes small cracks that are hard to get into. When those pores are filled with grime, no amount of scrubbing will reach deep inside.

In today’s blog, we are discussing

  • the steps to clean a sidewalk the right way
  • and why you should keep it clean.

How to Clean a Sidewalk

The dark film over your sidewalks is not just dirt. Between microorganisms and stains, your concrete sidewalk has more on it than you bargained for and it can become downright gross.

By taking certain steps, Premier Pro Wash & Seal will wash your concrete sidewalk fast and efficiently every time. 

Here’s how!

Pre-treat Your Sidewalk

The reason why sidewalks become so dirty and difficult to clean is that concrete is an extremely porous material. Everything that can squeeze into those pores will never come back out… unless you pre-treat it. 

First, we apply a special pre-treatment solution to the entire surface of the sidewalk. When left to sink in, it helps to loosen and lift dirt, stains, and foreign invaders living there. Pre-treating your sidewalks with the right mixture is key to preparing them for our special equipment.

Tools of the Trade

When we wash your sidewalk, we use an industrial-strength, 8-gallon per minute, rotary pressure washer known as a “surface cleaner.” With lots of hot water, rotating wands under the hood spin to distribute the jet streams evenly. 

Surface cleaners are superior to standard wand pressure wash machinery when washing sidewalks. The circular motion prevents unsightly zebra stripes commonly caused by manually spraying down the concrete slabs with a wand. 

Word of Caution: Rotary surface cleaners and all power washers in general pose a risk of injury to those who are not trained to use them safely. We do not advise that anyone handle a pressure washer without proper education. We recommend that you hire a licensed professional to clean your sidewalks with a rotary surface cleaner for the best and safest results.

Pressure-Washing Treatment

Now that you understand what tool we use, let’s discuss why it works. When a rotary surface cleaner is turned on, 8 gallons of hot water pour out of it every single minute. This constant force of hot water helps to loosen dirt and debris even further and force it out of the pores. As the water continues to flow, any dirt on the surface is completely washed away. 

If you would like to watch one of our technicians operating a surface cleaner over a sidewalk, take a look at our YouTube video showcasing its power.

And that’s it! Once your sidewalk is clean, you can enjoy the glory of a beautiful and clean property again.

Why You Should Wash Your Sidewalk

Washing your sidewalk should be a yearly habit that you don’t break. Not only does it preserve the concrete, helping it to last longer, it also protects you from microorganisms that could harm your health and safety.  


Your concrete sidewalk is crawling with microorganisms. They get inside every pore and crack and then breed until they cover the entire surface; everything from algae to lichens, mildew to mold, and lots of bacteria. 

Among the most dangerous is algae, and it’s not what you think. Yes, algae are considered toxic, but the real risk is how slick it becomes, especially when damp from high humidity or rain. Anyone passing through can slip and fall, injuring themselves. 

Mold may not be slick, but it’s not good for your health or the health of your concrete. When mold covers the surface of your sidewalk, the spores can easily get into your home or business triggering allergies and causing upper respiratory illnesses. Not only that, but these microscopic creatures release digestive juices which slowly destroy the concrete underneath.


If you suspect that the grimiest areas of your sidewalk are deteriorating at a rapid rate, you’re right. When stains sit on the surface, especially those with acidic or caustic properties, they will eat away at the concrete, causing it to permanently discolor or even crumble.

Premier Pro Wash & Seal Provides Superior Sidewalk Cleaning Services for the Greater Tampa Bay Area

When you regularly maintain the sidewalks on your residential or commercial property, you lengthen the lifespan of the concrete slabs. Make your concrete look great again and get the most out of your investment. Schedule your next sidewalk cleaning with Premier Pro Wash & Seal today!



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