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Paver Sealer Problems: Why is my Sealer Yellow?

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Paver Sealer Problems: Why is my Sealer Yellow?

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Does this sound familiar?

It was exciting to learn that sealing your pavers:

  • Extends their longevity
  • Improves their appearance
  • Defends against moisture
  • And prevents damage

Thrilled to protect your investment, you bought a sealer. Perhaps you were adventurous and applied it yourself or maybe you called up that guy with a truck who said he would do it for $75.

Your pavers looked amazing, but not for long. Soon after sealing, you noticed the first paver sealer problems: The pavers were looking different. There was a noticeable color change. 

They were yellowing!

The sealer changed from a clear coating to a yellow one. 

Paver sealer problems like this one are common when homeowners try to do the job themselves or hire a novice contractor to do it for a discounted price.  And sadly, those contractors know what is happening to their customers. They ignore the angry phone calls and chase after new customers who trust them.

Those victims call us and we help them to restore their pavers and add curb appeal to their homes once again.

But what exactly causes paver sealers to discolor? In order to understand how to avoid another paver sealer disaster, you need to know what caused your pavers to turn yellow and how to avoid the same mistake in the future.

Inferior Quality Paver Sealers Turn Yellow

This paver problem starts with the sealer applied, not the method or technique used to coat the bricks. 

The sealer you or the contractor decided on was either solvent-based or a common water-based sealer that anyone can purchase from a home improvement store. These sealers are made with inferior ingredients that reduce their overall performance.

Among these inferior ingredients is a resin that becomes yellow with sun exposure. If your pavers will never see the light of day, these sealers might work well for you. But exterior pavers installed on a patio, driveway, or pool deck in Florida will see a significant amount of sunshine! 

That’s why you need a high-quality sealer that is resistant to UV rays and oxidation in general.

When you hire a certified and trained company like Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we apply a professional-grade sealer that uses a formula that can stand up to harsh Florida weather without any difficulty. No matter how much sunlight beats down on them, your pavers will retain their natural color. 

Our sealer will actually restore fading colors and keep them bright for many months!

Only Choose a Two-Part Water Based Sealer in Florida

Two-part sealers take more skill to use because each part must be carefully calculated and combined to create perfect results. Premier Pro Wash and Seal uses a two-part water-based sealer exclusively because they are the best sealers to use in Florida.

These sealers are also light stable, which means that the UV rays of the sun won’t turn them yellow. Other sealers have resins that react poorly in sunlight and cause paver problems you didn’t plan for.

My pavers are yellow! How do I fix them?

Paver sealer discoloration will continue to spread and darken. You cannot wash it off or apply a new coat of sealer to correct the problem. 

There are only 2 ways to fix this paver sealer problem:

  • Let the sealer wear off naturally for 2 to 3 years.
  • Have the sealer stripped off and re-seal the pavers.

Although the first choice is economical, it’s not always practical. Especially if you live in an HOA, your home needs to look good. Your curb appeal is important and 2 to 3 years is a long time to suffer from unsightly pavers.

But stripping off a bad sealer isn’t cheap. In fact, removing a low-quality sealer can cost as much as the paver installation!

Avoid Paver Sealer Problems: Prevention is Key

One of the best ways to avoid paver sealer yellowing is to prevent it from happening in the first place. When you hire a wash and seal company that is well trained, certified, and fully insured like Premier Pro Wash & Seal, you can feel secure in their work.

As long as you maintain your pavers by having a premium two-part water-based sealer applied every 2 to 3 years, these outdoor areas will look incredible. We stand so firmly behind the products we use that we guarantee that our sealer will not yellow!

But you can’t apply a cheap sealer here and there. If you cannot afford a quality sealer, it’s better to wait until you can. Don’t supplement with an inferior product that can ruin your pavers. It’s just not worth it! 

Let the pros take care of your property for superior results every time. Choose Premier Pro Wash & Seal to seal your pavers today. Join thousands of happy customers across Wesley Chapel, Sun City, and all over the Tampa Bay area.

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