Why is Water Based Sealer Superior in Florida?

Deciding that you want to seal your pavers or travertine is easy. The hard part is picking which sealer is best! But we are here to tell you that your decision has just become much less complicated. The war between water based sealer and solvent based sealer may be fair in other states, but in Florida, there is only one smart choice. In this blog post, we will be discussing why water-based sealer is superior in Florida and why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than professional-grade!

Receive the Best Seal With Professional Grade Products

A great sealer creates a barrier between the substrate and the elements, protecting your pavers or travertine from UV rays, moisture, stains, and traffic damage. It also enhances the natural color and beauty of the clay or natural stone, which increases curb appeal and perceived property value.

The highest quality sealers aren’t at your local Walmart or even in the most comprehensive home improvement store. The stuff you find there will not last long and may actually cost you big time. 

Cheap sealers will scratch, flake, and become discolored, and they can’t simply be sealed over again. This forces you to remove the sealer before being able to have a new one applied. Sealer removal can cost just as much, if not more, than the pavers themselves!

When you hire a paver sealing company that knows what is best for your property, they will use a premium, two-part water based paver sealer. If the contractors you call do not offer a two-part water based paver sealer, you should not settle for less! 

Premium two-part sealers are made to endure and can only be acquired by companies like Premier Pro Wash & Seal, who are trained and certified to apply professional-grade products. These high-quality sealers will look great for years when applied correctly.

The Bad Choice: Solvent Based Sealers in Florida

When applying a sealer, it’s crucial to understand the product being used and what will affect the final product. 

Too often, we see paver driveways and pool decks ruined by solvent based seals. The homeowner either did it themselves or hired a contractor that didn’t understand the problems that arise when solvent-based sealers are applied in Florida

Solvent based sealers require too low of a humidity level for it to work as it’s intended to in our subtropical climate. The moisture becomes trapped under the surface of the sealer and cannot escape. Your gorgeous pavers are engulfed in a white haze. 

Since the moisture has nowhere to go, it forms a cloudy film underneath the sealed surface. Unfortunately, this issue cannot be fixed without removing the sealant completely. 

Other unsightly results include peeling and flaking. This happens because the substrate is wet (from humidity in the air or rain), and the sealer cannot bond. Instead of being a tough barrier, it has nothing to hold onto and will quickly fall apart.

The Right Choice: Water Based Sealer

Both water-based and solvent-based sealers are named by the way they distribute acrylic polymers. The nice thing about water-based sealers is that when the water evaporates, the only thing left is the acrylic polymers.

When your pavers have been protected, any moisture left inside of the clay or stone can and will evaporate freely too. This helps to keep your driveway, paths, patio, and/or pool deck looking fantastic until your next scheduled sealing two years later.


Water-based sealer products also lack the strong toxic smell that accompanies solvent based sealers. These lower VOCs make it more environmentally friendly and safer for you and your family’s health. 

Quicker Cure Time

When you seal your pavers, you want it to be done as quickly as possible without any inconvenience. Since water-based sealers dry much faster than solvent based ones, you can go back to life as usual in only a few hours.

Even Coverage

Its thinner consistency does not diminish its ability to defend your pavers, but it will allow us to achieve a more uniform protection that looks clean and neat. Solvent-based sealers are far thicker in comparison and can turn yellow with age. 

Get Your Pavers Sealed in the Tampa Bay Area

If your pavers need a pick-me-up in the Tampa Bay area, give Premier Pro Wash & Seal a call. We would love to answer all of your questions and give you a free quote! If you don’t know what sealer you had before, we can test that for you. Then you can choose what type of paver seal you want for your residential property.

Our fast, friendly, and highly trained technicians are waiting to serve you and restore your pavers! We want to work for you to make your home a beautiful place that you can be proud of.

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