Why Should I Seal My Pavers (More Benefits of Sealing Pavers)

Pavers are an expensive but rewarding material to use when constructing a driveway, pool deck, lanai, or patio. They are durable and look fantastic which increases your home’s perceived value and curb appeal.

But they won’t continue to look amazing if you don’t seal your pavers. Without protection, the rain and sun can ruin your investment in only a few years.

If you ask yourself, “Why should I seal my pavers?” We have the answers you seek. Let’s explore more benefits of sealing your pavers.

Prevents Shifting and Sinking

The spaces in between your pavers are called joints, and they are typically filled with sand. The sand plays an extremely important role in stabilizing your pavers.

When it rains in Florida, it rains a lot and the water can flush the sand out of their joints, leaving the pavers vulnerable. Without the sand, they will have room to shift around, lift, or sink down. This gradually creates an uneven walking surface that can lead to accidental injury as people trip and fall.

And it’s a problem that can cost thousands of dollars to fix!

But when a sealer is applied to your pavers, it also absorbs into the sand and locks it in place. The sand will literally bond together and become as hard as a rock.

When you seal your pavers (and sand joints) you will avoid expensive repairs because everything will stay exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Protects Against Ants

If you have ever experienced an ant colony on your property, you know the horror of finding them everywhere, including inside of your house. If they are aggressive and they bite, a big problem becomes a painful one.

Did you know your pavers could be the reason they found your property so cozy?

The spaces between pavement including pavers make the ideal nesting place for the common house ant. The loose sand serves as easy entry points and the paved surface offers protection for the tunnels below.

But when you seal your pavers, the joints are hardened and ants have trouble burrowing through it. A few may be stubborn enough and break their jaws to dig out a tunnel, but most ants will move on to the unfortunate neighbor who thinks pavers don’t need to be sealed.

Enhances Beauty

Without sealer, your pavers can become dull and lose their rich color.


The sun is to blame.

UV rays bleach anything they touch, slowly sucking the life out of your driveway, pool deck, or patio. But when you hire Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we will apply our professional-grade water-based sealer that protects your pavers. Just as sunscreen saves your skin from burns, paver sealers create a barrier that defends the substrate from sun damage.

Maybe you have already noticed the color draining from your pavers and you’re concerned that their pigment will be lost forever.

If this is true, we have good news for you!

When we seal pavers, it restores some, if not all, of their original color. How much color returns will depend on the amount of sun exposure the unsealed surface receives before we treat it.

Paver Sealing in Tampa Bay, Florida

At Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we look out for our customers and their property. Your satisfaction is important to us, but we find the greatest joy when our results thrill you.

That’s why our team is masterfully skilled in wash and seal services. Our technicians apply the highest quality products with the safest and most effective techniques to maintain the integrity of your pavers, cement, and travertine.

Do you want to get started? Request a free quote today!


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