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Why You Should Use a Water Based Sealant

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Why You Should Use a Water Based Sealant

by / Premier Pro Wash and Seal

Before we answer the question of why it’s best to use a water based sealant, it’s important to understand why sealers are necessary.

Sealing the surface of your paver creates a protective barrier. This barrier keeps out the elements and any other muck your driveway might come into contact with. It prevents cracks, restores the natural color, and discourages the growth of invaders like mold, algae, and weeds. By sealing your pavers, you extend their life and enhance their appearance.

However, which sealer you use makes a big difference.

What is the Best Paver Sealer?

At Premier Pro Wash and Seal, we believe that our premium two-part water based sealant is the best choice you can make for your driveway or patio pavers. It is far superior to the sealants that you can purchase at your local home improvement store.

Even if you do not live in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area, a water based sealant is still the smartest option.
It is:

  • more efficient at combating moisture
  • healthier for you, your family, pets, and wildlife
  • environmentally friendly
  • non-flammable

Water Based Sealant is Breathable

Especially in subtropical Florida, there is no way to escape moisture. It’s in the air, it’s raining down on us; it’s everywhere! From cracks to mold and algae, water will ruin your driveway or patio if you give it the chance.

A water based sealant will prevent that from happening. It also has the advantage of allowing drainage from joints. You want the sealing layers to keep moisture out, not trap it in at the surface (like acrylic and solvent based sealers will).

The protective layer that acrylic water based sealants create allows moisture to evaporate and leave the paver surface but prevents more water from seeping in. This naturally frees it of otherwise damaging water-related paver problems.

Let the paver material breathe, and it will reward you with a long lifetime of beauty.

Water Based Sealant Has Low Fumes

Water based sealers don’t have the nasty smell that solvent-based ones do. They use resin instead of solvents and are so safe they can be used indoors!

Solvent sealers contain harsh chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that come with a hefty environmental price. Ozone leaches into the air as it dries, and strongly smells of noxious fumes. Those fumes are not just bad for our planet, they’re dangerous to your health and anyone else in the vicinity.

At Premier Pro Wash and Seal, we always use an eco-friendly water based sealer solution with extremely low VOC. We look out for the safety of our staff and customers as we work hard to maintain the life and appearance of your pavers.

Perhaps you think that once it dries, the solvent-based sealant is safe? Wrong!

Water Based Sealant is Better for Long Term Safety

Water based sealants pose little to no danger to you or any other living creature around you. Simple as that. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing! In contrast, solvent-based sealants can begin off-gassing even after they have dried!

When a solvent based sealant is applied, what runs off onto the surrounding grounds around your driveway is hazardous to you, your pets, and the local wildlife. The toxicity of these chemicals doesn’t stop posing a risk to your wellbeing once the smell has dispersed. Animals who lick their paws after walking in or around sealed areas
have the potential of being poisoned by these caustic contaminants.

If you have pets or small children, or just care about the animals in your neighborhood, consider using a water based sealant. It’s a healthier choice for everyone.

Not Flammable

Water based sealant is a non-flammable solution to your driveway and patio’s needs.

But solvent is fire food. It’s not only highly flammable, it’s combustible, which means it has the capability of exploding. It takes any sealant 24 to 48 hours to completely dry, leaving a big window for a spark to strike and a disaster to follow if a solvent is present. If you have a bucket of solvent based sealer sitting around, it could blow up and cause a fire. You need to properly discard such solvents by taking them to a household hazardous waste collection facility. Even an empty container of this stuff is so dangerous that your local waste management should never collect it.

Why risk a devastating fire that could destroy your home when there is a much better option?

Let the Premier Pro Wash and Seal team come to your home and seal your patio or driveway with our premium two-part water based sealer. Invest in a safe and effective defense for your pavers.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, contact us and get your free quote today!